How to install Twi (GaDangme) keyboard on iPhone

It has become very common to see people using ‘3’ in place of ‘Ɛ’ or ‘)’ instead of ‘Ɔ’ when they write Twi. It’s probably because people don’t know that they can actually get a Twi keyboard on their android/Apple phones. Our team therefore decided to put this guide together to help people to download the app. An installation of an app called ‘kasahorow’ gives you access to nearly keyboards for 20 different languages. Here is how to get:

STEP 1 Go to the Apple Store and search for Kasahorow. The results of the search should be as per the image below. image STEP 2 Install the app by clicking install STEP 3 After installation, go to Settings==>General==>keyboard. You should see: image STEP 4 Click on the keyboards options. You should see ‘Andika – Kasahorow’. If you see it as one of the keyboards then it is available for you to you use to type. image

STEP 5 To confirm if the keyboard is available for you to use for typing, go to any place where you want to type like text message or Whatsapp etc. Tap the (i) global key (see image) and then tap (ii) the ABC key. image

To go back to the normal English keyboard, simply tap the global key once. Apart from Twi, the installation of the app gives you access to several other languages such as GaDangme, Swahili, Yoruba, Hausa, etc.

We hope you find the article useful. Your feedback or questions or welcome.