Pimples are just irritating. But whenever you tell someone you’ve got a pimple, they just don’t seem to share your alarm and terror.

“It’s just a pimple,” they say in a really non-reassuring manner. “It’s normal and everyone gets them.”

Just a pimple? Sure, pimples are “normal” and “everyone gets them” but we didn’t want one just before a first date, girl!

Pimples are harmless and although they can cause a pinch of pain now and then, they generally don’t manifest any other physical symptoms – besides the big ugly red spot, that is.

Pimples can make you feel miserable because they often look so ghastly – and they often appear right in the middle of your face so thateveryone can see them, including Brad with the wavy hair from Human Resources.

If you’ve had it with your days being ruined by pimples, here are a few guaranteed remedies.

Apply Some Ice

Ice has so many uses in life besides cooling down your glass of coca-cola on a hot summer’s day. And one of its best uses is in reducing the swelling, redness and inflammation caused by nasty old pimples.

Ice applied to the affected area works by helping your blood circulate quicker to the pimple. It also tightens your skin’s pores, and clears dirt and oil away.

You can either apply crushed ice or ice cubes – whichever you fancy.

Dump the remaining ice in a glass of juice afterwards. Mhmm.

Apply Lemon Juice

Another tip on how to get rid of pimples is to happy lemon juice. Like ice, lemon juice has many uses and is particularly great first thing in the morning because it helps to flush out pesky toxins from your body.

It can also help to reduce your pimples fast, thanks to its high vitamin C content. You should always use fresh lemon juice, because the bottled stuff comes packed with way too many preservatives to be effective.

To apply this remedy, coat a cotton swab in a bit of lemon juice before applying it to the affected area at night.


Who said that toothpaste has only got one use? Sure, toothpaste does a grand job at keeping your molars nice and healthy, but it’s able to perform more than just one function.

The everyday toothpaste you use each day to clean your teeth can also be used to alleviate your pimples – fast.

Simply apply a dab of toothpaste onto your pimple(s) before hitting the sack for the night, and voila! They should be gone in no time at all.

Avoid gel toothpaste and just use the white stuff.


Next good tip on how to get rid of pimples is to use steam. Lots of people get a bit scared whenever their kettle boils and steam rises to their face. We can’t wait to get away in case we get harmed.

But steam is actually really good for your skin, and is particularly powerful at getting rid of those dastardly pimples.

Steam works by opening up your pores and giving your skin a chance to breathe. This in turn will help to eliminate dirt, bacteria and oils that have got wedged in the pores in your skin. And this is how pimples form.


By applying honey to your face, you won’t attract a swarm of bees anytime soon, but you will see a rapid improvement in your pimple(s).

Honey has been used as a disinfectant for quite some time now because it is able to destroy the microbes found in oil organs really quickly.

To apply this home remedy, simple dab some honey onto a cotton swab before applying to the affected area.

You can also make a thick paste out of honey and cinnamon powder, which you can then apply to your pimples before jumping into bed for the night.

Egg Whites

Another tip on how to get rid of pimples is to use egg whites. They can also help you get rid of scars, too, thanks to their amino acids and vitamins that not only wipe out pimples, but which also repair your skin’s cells.

To apply this method, simply separate three egg whites from the yolk, before whisking them and leaving to settle for around five minutes.

Then, apply the egg whites to the affected area with your fingertips. Wait for the whites to dry before repeating the procedure around four times.

Leave the final mask in place for twenty minutes before rinsing off.

Orange Peels

Orange peel is rich in vitamin C and ascorbic acid, which are both fantastic for curing pimples. By applying orange peel, you’re essentially double-downing on your skin.

All you need to do here is rub the peels on the affected area(s) and then dab with some orange juice.

You should always wash your hands first because you don’t want to transfer nasty bacteria to your skin – as this would only make things worse. You could also wash your face, too, with warm water.

Strawberries And Honey

Next tip on how to get rid of pimples is to use the mixture of strawberries and honey. Strawberries are rich in salicylic acid, which makes them really effective for treating pimples. This acid stimulates the upper layer of your skin, helping it to shed unwanted cells quickly. What happens then is that the clogged pores are opened, and the bacteria is neutered.

The acid is also really good at ensuring fresh skin cells are able to develop and thrive.

To apply this remedy, wash your face with warm water. Then, rinse out 5 strawberries so that all the dirt is removed. Mash them so that they become watery, before adding 3 teaspoons of honey.


Then, apply the mixture to the affected area(s) and leave on for around half an hour before rinsing.


We all know that basil is great for cooking, but did you also know that it can eliminate pimples, too?

Yup, basil is rich in antioxidants, as well as plenty of antibacterial agents. Once applied to your face, the basil is also to control the swelling of your pimples before eventually eliminating them altogether.

These are just a few ways to eliminate pimples. If yours are still hanging around even after you’ve applied a few remedies, consult with a dermatologist for advice on how you should move forward.

How to get rid of pimples? What are your best tips?

Stay beautiful!


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