How to Get a Girl to Like You


Always remember this, knowing how to get a girl to like you is simple, and yet complicated.

Each girl is different, and has her own likes and dislikes.

And no matter what you do to impress a girl, it really won’t make a difference if the foundation isn’t right.

You can buy a girl flowers, or treat her to an expensive dinner, or do just about anything else.

But a girl will never really like you for who you are, unless you understand what a girl really wants in a guy.

There are many ways to get a girl to like you by impressing her and wooing her, but none will work for you, as long as you don’t understand the one thing that girls want from a guy.

How to get a girl to like you

You can skip reading other features on impressing girl, because there’s one thing that’s more important than anything else – your personality. Without having a great personality, there’s no way you can get a girl to like you.

After all, the only thing that matters when it comes to knowing how to get a girl to like you is your personality.

Flirting tips and smooth talking guides are very efficient, but they’re really no good unless you have a great personality.

Building your personality to get a girl to like you

If you want to know how to get a girl to like you, you need to understand the big fact. To attract girls and make a girl like you at first sight, you need to become an improved version of yourself. Your personality is the only thing that would ever matter when it comes to getting girls to like you.

These steps can help you improve your personality and become the best man you can ever be, and be someone who will be irresistible to any girl.

Get a girl to like you with your personality

Whether you’re talking about one girl, or many girls, it’s all the same. If you want girls to like you, you need to have a great personality. A great personality alone will draw all girls to you like moths to a warm flame.

#1 Be the alpha male

Now we’re not suggesting that you become the top dog of your group. You don’t really need to become the godfather of your group. Rather, don’t be a pushover.

Don’t ever be taken for granted by your friends, and let them respect you for who you are and appreciate your company. Don’t make yourself look like the clown of the group just to get attention. A calm and quiet guy who commands respect from his friends will be more liked by girls than a jack in the box.

#2 Respect yourself

You may consider yourself to be a great guy, but you need to think from another person’s point of view here. Do you really respect yourself? Do you try to cling to your friends and tag along everywhere, whether you’re invited or not?

Do you feel left out and lonely when you’re out with your friends? Do they make plans without asking for your opinion? Do they forget to invite you until the last minute when they’re going out?

Then you don’t belong with those friends. They don’t respect you, and because of that, you don’t respect yourself.

It’s better you find some new friends. When you’re not given any respect by your friends, you’d end up losing respect for yourself. And no girl would ever be drawn to a guy who has no respect for himself.

#3 Don’t get fidgety

When you’re sitting down idle, what do you do? Do you fidget with your hands, shuffle your feet, play with your hair, move back and forth constantly, or do you sit back comfortably?

Never fidget, they’re a sign of weakness and self-conscious behavior. No one likes someone who fidgets all the time. If you’re really comfortable with who you are, you’ll learn to stay calm and composed. Fidgeting is a distraction and can annoy anyone, not just girls.


#4 Calm voice

We’ve all met a few guys who are really annoying to speak to. They’re whining and grumbling all the time. Calm your voice down. Have you watched the heroes of your favorite movies talk? Did you hear Maximus or William Wallace whine and grumble like sissies when they were at war? Or were they calm and composed? Learn to speak with a low pitched voice that’s calm and pleasant to others’ ears, and you’ll see how much girls will love talking with you.

After all, no girl really likes a guy who nags and whines.


#5 Be a great conversationalist

When you meet a girl for the first time, you’d obviously know nothing about her. So think from her perspective and talk to her. Pop in a few questions and see how she responds. If she seems excited to talk about something, then continue talking about it. Otherwise, drop the topic.

We’ve all seen guys who drone on and on about new action movies, gizmos or football teams, when the girl is clearly not interested in talking about it.

Always remember that not every girl shares your interests. If you’re wondering how to get a girl to like you, learn to be a great conversationalist.

You need to talk about what would interest the girl more. Be aware of the world around you, and stay up to date on regular events and trends so you can talk about something that can interest the girl you’re with.


#6 Be in command

When you’re out on a date, be in command. Be helpful, and be willing to have answers for her. If she drops her fork in the middle of dinner, ask the waiter for another fork instead of just sitting down and wondering what to do.

Take decisions and make her feel like she’s safe and doesn’t have to worry about a thing, as long as she’s with you. Nothing can make a girl feel better than knowing that she’s with a guy who can take care of her, no matter what.

If you want to improve your personality and get the respect of people around you, you need to learn to be in command all the time.

#7 Don’t panic

Many guys lose their nerve as soon as something goes wrong. Don’t be that guy. This completely goes against the earlier point. Don’t shit your pants if you’re late to get somewhere. Don’t chew your nails and whine about how your date was late to the movie.

Don’t keep looking at your watch and chewing your lips during a date just because you’ve run out of things to talk about on a date.

Girls like a guy who’s relaxed and composed. Panicking and acting like a nervous wreck will only make your date feel jittery and uneasy about being with you.

#8 Be a happy guy

Now, the all important point. Be a happy guy. Period.

If you’re happy, it shows. Girls love happy guys. When you’re happy, the world smiles with you. Girls like you and want to be with you.

Even in your day to day life, try to be happy all the time. You may have a million problems, but don’t let them get to you. Your positive aura will draw girls to you, and make girls want to be with you. Don’t be frustrated or grumpy all the time, even though you love bitching about how unfair life is to you.

Bring the sparkle into your life by looking at the problems in your life as little obstacles that you have to overcome. Be an optimist, and enjoy your life. And we can assure you, any girl will love your company and would want to be with you!


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