Ah, the meaning of life…That old chestnut! It’s a sobering thought, but what will you think about it in your final hours?

Will it be a list of achievements or a list of regrets? Are you wondering aimlessly from one day to the next or do you have a vision, a purpose and a reason to get up again every day?

If you struggle to find that purpose in your life, then read our eight tips that will help:

1. Identify what you want to be

Our first tip on how to find your purpose in life is – think hard about the person that you would love to be and make a list of the attributes of that person.

Detach yourself a little and forget all the reasons that you can’t be that person, just write down who that person is. It’s only a start, but, at least, you will know what you are aiming for.

2. Plan a path

Now you know where you are heading to, you’re going to need a map! Visualise where you want to be and start planning how you are going to get there, step by step.

Remember not to set unachievable goals, that will be counterproductive, but equally, your goals must be things that will take some form of effort on your part.

3. Take the first step

Another tip on how to find your purpose in life is take the first step. Now you have a destination and you have a map, you are beginning to have some purpose in your life, so take the first step on the journey. It doesn’t have to be dramatic.

It could be starting a new hobby, learning a new skill, or joining a sport club, but as Tolkien said in one of his books: ‘One path leads to the next and then to the next, so you never know where it will lead, just be sure to enjoy the journey.’

4. Ignore the voice of reason

How to find your purpose in life? Ignore the voice of reason! Sometimes it’s good to ignore the voice of reason and go with your gut instinct.

Your reasonable brain will always tell you why you can’t do things, while your heart tells you what you really want to do. Sometimes, the voice of reason is right, but, often it’s the heart that will show you the way to your true purpose in life.

5. Conquer your fears

Often what really holds us back from following our life purpose is fear. We know what we want, but were afraid to follow the dream.

Face your fears and you will conquer them, hide from your fears and you will never know.

6. Read inspiring stories

Reading about others who have followed their own life purpose against all the odds will inspire you to follow yours. From an alcoholic who beat his addiction to Ghandi who freed a nation…whatever the goal or the purpose, they had the determination to see it through.

7. Explore alternative purposes

If you’re still unsure what your purpose in life is, then experiment. Make a point of writing down some ideas that you’d like to follow up and plan how you are going to explore the possibility further.

You can be quite calculating about this and treat each one as an experiment, the aim of which is to discover your true life purpose.

8. How to find your purpose in life? Go with what makes you happy

Your purpose in life should be one that makes you happy, content and feeling truly fulfilled. The objective is to be able to look back on your life with gratitude for what you have gained and what you have achieved.
This could be the moral satisfaction of being able to help others or the personal satisfaction of winning an award. We’re all different and we all have different purposes in life, that’s what makes us so interesting
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