hnThe Christmas holiday season does seem to have a way of making people think about their own personal situations more deeply and, if you don’t fit into the stereotypical married with two kid’s scenario, you can be left feeling a bit lonely at Christmas. When the New York Post published a survey of single people, it showed that nearly 50% of all singles said that their biggest fear was still being single at Christmas time. If you are going to be single this Christmas, don’t let that stop you enjoying the festivities, because you really don’t need a partner in tow to have a good time. Make the most of the good cheer that will be around you and read these ten ways that you can be single and still enjoy your Christmas.

1. Make the decision that you will enjoy Christmas

If you decide that Christmas alone will be dreadful then it probably will be, so don’t let your single status get you down. Set out to enjoy your Christmas and do all the things that you would have done if you had a partner. The only real difference this year is that you will be able to choose exactly where you go and who you see.

2. Put up your Christmas decorations

Whatever your plans are for Christmas and even if you will be spending Christmas alone, put up a Christmas tree and some decorations and make your home look a bit more festive. Getting prepared for Christmas is all part of the fun and even if it’s only you that will see your decorations, it will help you get in the mood for Christmas.

3. Put more thought into your Christmas gifts

If you are single, you will have more time to spend choosing or making gifts for your friends and family. You can really spend the time searching for the ideal gifts for people and then you can make them more personal to

4. Make your family the focus of your Christmas

Christmas is the best time there is to catch up with family that you have lost touch with. Get out your address book and get on the phone. Call that favourite aunty you haven’t spoken to in years and wish her a merry Christmas. Your family will love to hear from you and catch up on all your news.

5. Do something different for Christmas

If you are staying with family for Christmas, that’s great. But if you are not, you could take a trip somewhere over the holiday period. Whether it’s somewhere warm and sunny, or a Christmas themed trip to somewhere like Lapland, avoid doing nothing at all this Christmas, just because you are single.

6. Visit friends and family

Being single doesn’t stop you joining in with the Christmas fun, so don’t turn down invitations, just because you think you will feel out of place. It can make it slightly more difficult when everyone around you seems to be in relationships, but put that out of your mind and have a good time anyway. If you do turn down all the invites you get, you will only regret it later and wish you had said yes.

7. Spend some time with other singles

Do you really think that you are the only person that will be single this Christmas? Get out with friends and hit a few parties. You can have fun as a single, and you could well meet other people who are in exactly the same situation that you are. You might even meet someone special, so don’t hide yourself away over the holiday

8. Treat yourself to a new outfit

With all that money you will have saved on not having to buy a present for your partner, you will have some more cash to spend on yourself. Treat yourself to a manicure, pedicure and a new hairstyle, and get yourself down to the stores to pick out a new outfit for Christmas. Getting yourself dressed up for Christmas will make you feel much better, even if you don’t have a partner to give you compliments.

9. Indulge in some Christmas treats

There is no need to ignore all the delicious Christmas treats in the store, just because you don’t have a partner to share them with. Stock up on mince pies, Christmas puddings and all the other tasty treats that come with Christmas. They all taste just as great, whether you have a partner or not.

10. Enjoy your Christmas and it will make you feel better

Get involved in Christmas activities and have some fun. Smiling and laughing, even if you think you don’t feel like it, will release happy hormones into your body and, before you know it, you will have forgotten all about the fact you are single this Christmas.


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