How To Choose The Right Necklaces For Your Neckline


Accessories can make or break an outfit, and if you don’t know which ones work with your outfit, then a great outfit can fall flat.

Your everyday wardrobe is another important part of your necklace length decision.

Once you have decided what you will wear, you must make sure the necklace length you choose adds to the overall look and enhance your appearance.

Here’s a little Help for choosing the right necklace for your neckline-



This  neckline is a great way to draw focus away from broad shoulders and elongate your neck, it makes the wearer appear taller and’s good  to look for a necklace with a strong central focus.Longer pendants or v-shaped necklaces work with this neckline.necklaces worn can be more than one but it has to be layered accordingly.


One-Shoulder Neckline:


This type of neckline can be tricky, Because of the asymmetry of this neckline, it is smart to play with necklaces that have texture and geometric components or choose a  necklace that is long enough to clear at least two inches below the neckline.


Boat neckline:



Since this neckline is so wide, it’s best to pair it with a longer pendant necklace or chunky necklaces to balance it out.


Halter Neckline:


Pairing a necklace with a halter neckline can be tough but possible, you can  channel your inner Cleopatra and opt for an ornate collar necklace if you’re wearing a halter dress with a full front coverage.


Collared Shirts Neckline:



There are two types of necklaces that work well with a collared neckline … either really big or really small(pendant necklace). Small necklaces will obviously hide under the collar for the most part, so if you want your necklace to show at all, go for a big statement one. You can button your top all the way up and wear the necklace under the collar, or leave it unbuttoned two buttons and still wear it under the collar. Either way, always tuck that necklace under the collar


Crew Neckline:

ccrew    crew

Crew necklines are great because you can play around with them and are easy to pair necklaces with  , a statement necklace  works, as does most other necklace styles.You can easily wear a bib necklace, a pendant necklace, a collar necklace or just about any style necklace that you like to go with for the day.


Turtle Neckline:



One thing you should put in mind when wearing high necklines is that you should avoid accessories that would make you look like you’re being strangled. Turtle necklines are already heavy on the neck part, so avoid princess necklaces. The best choice for this neckline is to or wear it with longer necklaces that drop from the cleavage or below bust level.


Source: Fashionghana