relaOther people come and go, but a true friend is always there for you. The importance of having good friends cannot be overestimated, so when you find a true friend, make sure that you are a good friend back to them. Read these ten commandments of a beautiful friendship, so that you can become a perfect friend:


1. Be straightforward, sincere and honest

A true friend is someone that you can go to for honest opinions. There are no hidden agendas, no lies and no deceits. Just be there when your friend needs you, with honest, straightforward advice and sincere.

2. Never betray a confidence

There should be complete trust amongst friends and you should be able to speak your mind freely, without your thoughts being passed on to all and sundry.  A friend is someone you can go to, when you can’t go to anyone else. Betray that trust and the friendship is doomed to fail.

3. Make your friend a priority

A friend is a priority in your life, or else they are little more, than an acquaintance. A friend will always be willing to lend a helping hand and they will always provide support, whenever they can.

4. Don’t envy your friends

Real friends don’t get jealous of one another, they are genuinely pleased, when a friend achieves something in life. There is no bitterness or envy; they share in each other’s accomplishments and happiness.

5. Never steal from a friend

We would hope that you would never steal from anybody, but with a friend, stealing means more than only what the police would be interested in. Never steal a friend’s boyfriend, never steal their limelight and never forget to repay a favor, that too would be stealing.

6. Never use a friend

Don’t abuse a friendship and never use it to get your own way.  A friend will help you out in times of need, because they want to. But if you overuse this generosity and kindness, you will cease to be a friend and start to become a nuisance.

7. Don’t be too clingy

A friendship should be a relaxed affair, not a marriage. You can’t be getting jealous, because your friend is talking to someone else or didn’t invite you to a party; you don’t have to include a friend in absolutely everything that you do.

8. Make time for your friend

Even when you’re head over heels in love with your new boyfriend, don’t forget your friend! If your new love turns out to be a dud, your friend will be there long after he has gone on his way, so make time to stay in touch with your friend. She’s going to want to know all the juicy details about him anyway!

9. Stay away from your friends ex’s

Don’t become pals with your friend’s ex and certainly don’t date him. If you date your friend’s ex, then that’s going to make things all too difficult for everybody, and you can probably wave goodbye to your friend.

10. Be grateful for your friendship

Don’t take a friendship for granted, good friends are hard to come by. Remember that a friend can walk out of your life as easily, as they walked in, so always be grateful for a good friend and be there when they need you.