How to be a Better Boyfriend: The Best She’s Ever Had

graceIf you’re struggling with how to be a better boyfriend to your significant other, this is everything you’ll need to help you be the best boyfriend ever.

If you want to keep a relationship going with someone you care deeply about, treating them right is essential. You can’t expect someone to stick around if you’re not willing to give them a reason to. If you’re wondering how to be a better boyfriend to your partner, this list of 15 suggestions will change the tide.

When it comes to relationships, boyfriends aren’t as good as their counterparts. That’s just the harsh truth. Maybe it’s because girls are more attuned to a person’s feelings and find it easier to be sensitive, but either way, all boyfriends could use some improvement.

Most people break up because they don’t feel they’re being treated right

This is the main reason I broke up with guys and why most of my friends ditched their exes. It’s simply because their boyfriends weren’t doing what was necessary to prolong the relationship, and they were sick of it.

Most relationships end this way. Girl tries hard, guy doesn’t, girl asks for guy to try a little harder, he doesn’t, girl ends things. The sad reality about this is that it’s easy for a guy to be a better boyfriend to their lover.

This is how to be a better boyfriend

Some guys are absolutely amazing people. It’s the reason their girlfriends fell for them! The problem is, although they’re great people, they struggle with being a great boyfriend.

If you want to make sure your girl stays with you and ensure you have a happy relationship, work on being a better boyfriend to your lover. This list is all you need to know in order to make that a reality and prolong your relationship.

#1 Listen. I know you’ve heard this a hundred times before—even by her during a fight before—but it’s really so important in your quest to make her happy and be a better boyfriend.

Girls process information by talking and venting. You are there to support her and all she asks is that you actually listen. Don’t just sit there nodding your head.

#2 Show your appreciation. For some reason, guys just don’t show when they appreciate something unless it’s something super profound. But I know you appreciate it when your girl makes dinner, cleans your place, and buys tickets to your favorite concert. All you have to do is show her that you appreciate it.

Something as simple as giving her a passionate kiss followed by a, “Thank you. I really appreciate this,” is all it takes.

#3 Surprise her. Pick her up and make her get in the car without telling her where you’re going. Or plan a surprise trip. Bring her flowers home for no reason at all. Little surprises like this make her heart flourish.

#4 Do things that only she wants to do. Relationships require sacrifice sometimes. You both may not always want to do the same things. However, if she can sit through a couple of hours of your yelling at the TV during a sports game, you can spend an hour watching The Bachelor with her.

#5 Let her have girl time. This means two things. First, let her have time to do her hair, put a face mask on, and do her nails without you bothering her. She needs this.

Secondly, give her time to go out with her girlfriends. If you get mad every time she goes out with her friends she’s going to be unhappy and resent you for it. She needs girl time just like you need guy time.

#6 Don’t get jealous. I guess I should say not to show her that you’re jealous. Everyone gets jealous at times, but if you are getting overly jealous, she’s going to be unhappy and think you don’t trust her. Keep it on the down low.

#7 Make her dinner every once in a while. Even if the only thing you can make is mac ‘n cheese, do it. Putting in some effort to try and make her happy with a home-cooked meal is the quickest way to make a girl happy. It doesn’t have to be fancy.

#8 Do her chores when she’s had a rough day. If she’s texting you all day complaining about her grueling boss and tough day at work, go pick up the place and do some of her chores before she gets home. You have no idea how meaningful this is to the ladies.

#9 Be friends with her friends. Even if you’re not their biggest fans, being friends with her friends shows her you want to be a bigger part of her life. She’ll be ecstatic that you’re willing to go hang with her and the girls from time to time.

#10 Aim to please her in the bedroom… every time. Those that say sex isn’t important in a relationship are kidding themselves. The truth is girls have a harder time fulfilling their needs in the bedroom and a little more effort from you does great things for your relationship.

#11 Groom yourself. Keep yourself tidy and smelling great. Girls don’t really want to cuddle up to a boyfriend that smells bad and hasn’t shaved in months. Keep good hygiene if you want to be a better boyfriend to your lover.

#12 Clean up the bathroom every once in a while. Guys tend to be messier in the bathroom than girls, mostly because of their facial hair. The trimmings all over the sink are ANNOYING. If you show her you care about her comfort by keeping it tidy, she’ll notice and be grateful.

#13 Take charge and make plans sometimes. You can’t always work together to make the plans for date night. Sometimes you have to take charge and make the plans for her.

Tell her where you’re going to dinner, what movie you’re seeing, and what is in store for the whole night. Girls hate making difficult decisions, and she’ll love not having to put forth the effort for making plans.

#14 Express your feelings to her. Yeah, yeah, I know. This one is going to be a little harder, but it’s actually a huge way you to be a better boyfriend. Girls are great at communicating with emotions, and guys, well, not so much.

Try to tell her how you feel about things so she gets to know you better, and she’ll feel extra special that you opened up to her. Even start by explaining your feelings for her. It’ll get easier with time, I promise.

#15 Work on being a better person all around. If you really want to be a better boyfriend, then work on being a better person first. If you’re working to better your life and better yourself, you’ll find being a good boyfriend comes naturally along with those positives in your life.


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