How to Apologize to a Girl When You Know You Messed Up

goodPeople make mistakes, things happen, words are said that you don’t mean. Here’s how to apologize to a girl the right way when you know you messed up.

Women can be complex creatures, and this is especially evident when you do something wrong and need to apologize to them.

But many men don’t fully understand how to apologize to a girl the right way. Women need so much more than a little schmoozing to wholeheartedly believe you when you say you’re sorry.

Guys, it doesn’t take a genius to know when you’ve done something that warrants an apology. Instead of playing games or avoiding contact altogether, it’s time to man up and apologize.

How to apologize to a girl

So what is the best way of going about saying you’re sorry? Apologizing is never an easy task, especially when the person you’ve wrong is someone you care about.

But remember, women can smell a fake apology from a mile away, so you really need to be careful with how you apologize to a girl.

If you really did something terrible and know you have to apologize in a big way, you’ll need certain techniques to make sure she knows how sorry you are. This is how you should really apologize to a girl.

#1 Be sincere. Don’t apologize if you really don’t think you have to. Why? Because an insincere apology is almost worse than no apology at all. She’ll be able to tell that you’re just saying it to say it, and honestly, she’ll most likely get even madder at you.

The best technique for apologizing to a girl is to really mean it. If she can see that you’re being sincere, you’ll be forgiven much sooner than if you just fake it.

#2 Apologize right away. If you take forever to apologize, then you’ll have to apologize for not apologizing right away, and that’s just really confusing!

Women don’t like waiting for an apology when you’re clearly in the wrong. So suck it up and go in there and make an apology that she’ll appreciate.

#3 Bring her flowers. The honest truth is that every woman loves flowers. No matter how much she says she doesn’t really like them or care that much for them, she’ll still appreciate a nice bouquet accompanied by an honest apology.

Flowers show that you’ve gone out of your way to do something thoughtful for her.

#4 Make her something. There’s something really sweet about a guy who will actually put real effort into an apology.

Spending your free time making her something that says you’re sorry falls into the category of “showing versus telling.” While the words, “I’m sorry,” can go a long way, showing her how much you care can be even better.

#5 Forget about your pride. Some guys have a hard time apologizing because of their pride. But keep in mind that your pride isn’t at stake if you admit your wrongdoings to a girl and apologize.

In fact, she’ll probably think much more of you if you just man up and admit that you made a mistake.

#6 Don’t blame anyone or anything else. Finding a scapegoat for your mess-ups is the most cowardly thing you can do. This is absolutely NOT the right way to apologize to a girl, because it’s not really an apology at all.

You’re just telling her that she can’t be mad at you because it wasn’t your fault. In effect, you’re saying, “Sorry, not sorry,” and that just isn’t solving anything.

#7 Acknowledge that you did something wrong. Just like you can’t blame your wrongdoings on someone else, you have to actually acknowledge that you did something wrong in the first place.

Telling her what you did that hurt her and that you understand it was wrong will help her see that you’ve thought about the situation and understand that your actions caused her pain.

#8 Let her know that you won’t do it again. Everyone likes to be reassured that the offense in question won’t be repeated again after you apologize. Even if your apology is sincere, women have to know that you mean it when you say that you’ll never do something like that again.

#9 Ask her what you can do to make it better. When it comes to understanding how to apologize to a girl, this technique can be one of the most powerful lessons. By asking her what you can do to make it better, you’re really getting her to open up and tell you exactly what she wants from you.

Not only will this help you avoid similar problems in the future, but it’ll also show her that you care enough to want to right your wrongs.

#10 Ask for her forgiveness. This technique may seem redundant, but issuing an apology is not synonymous with receiving forgiveness. Just because you’ve poured your heart out in a sincere apology doesn’t mean that you’re automatically forgiven.

If you really want her to forgive you, you have to ask for it. Don’t be surprised if she says no, either. Depending on the severity of the offense, she just may not be ready yet to make up and move on.

#11 Do it in person. It makes me sad that I actually have to put this point in this list, but it’s much needed. Many guys think that a quick text can make up for whatever they’ve done wrong. Well, think again.

No text – no matter how eloquently typed it is – will make up for something you’ve done. You MUST make your apology in person so she can really see the sincerity of it. And besides, it’s just plain good manners


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