Hover Hands and the Guys Who Use It

graceWhy do some guys have hover hands? How to avoid the hover hand? Well, here’s everything you need to know about the hover hand and the guys who use it. By Ethan Kent

Hover hands are a laugh.

But there’s a lot to learn from it.

Ever wondered why some guys hover hands in the first place?

Here are a few insights into why some guys hover their hand, and what guys and girls can do to help avoid the infamous hover hand in the first place.

If you’re a shy guy, it’s time to stretch your arms and grow a pair. Serious!


If you’re a girl, well, lucky you. All you have to do is stand and smile while getting clicked.

The advantage of being a girl is the fact that she can pretend to be coy and demure and stand with her hands clasped in front of her. It’ll still make her look cute and yet, sexy.


But when you’re a guy, there’s just nothing you can do but avoid the hover hand in the first place.

After all, it’s a man thing to place your arm around the girl. Remember, this is not a nineteenth century family portrait.

Why do some guys have the hover hand?

There are many reasons behind why some guys suffer from a bad case of hover hands, but it all comes down to these twelve facts.

#1 He’s not feeling comfortable being around the girl. She’s too sexy for him.

#2 He’s too respectful of the girl.

#3 He’s too afraid to touch the girl he’s getting snapped with.

#4 He’s scared she’ll nudge his hand away or give him a dirty stare for touching her.

#5 He wants to make a nice, good-boy impression on the girl by keeping his hands away.

#6 He thinks she has a boyfriend *who might get jealous*.

#7 The girl may be dating his friend *and the friend might get jealous*.

#8 His own girlfriend may be around and *his girlfriend might get jealous*.

#9 He thinks he’s brave and cool and realizes he’s not when he has to reach his arm over.

#10 He thinks he’ll touch her breasts if his hands get any closer.

#11 He’s way too excited and perverted. In his mind, touching her arm firmly is like tweaking her nipples.

#12 He assumes the girl doesn’t want him to touch her *which can be true at most times*.

The good side of hover hands

Now all hover hands aren’t bad. Sometimes, it may just work in your favor when it comes to impressing a girl who likes a shy guy.

#1 Good girls and jealous girls trust you more because you don’t try grabbing another girl every time you’re getting snapped.

#2 Hover hands lets a girl know that you respect her enough to avoid touching her for no reason.

#3 Girls can get drunk around you without the fear of getting molested by you.

#4 You’d be seen all over the internet and you may become famous.

#5 Girls think you’re a nice guy… *make that a nice virgin*.


The bad side of hover hands

As with all good sides, here are the bad sides of the hover hands.

#1 Cool guys and guys who get the prettiest girls won’t like hanging out with you.

#2 Hover hands make you look like an idiot.

#3 You’d be seen all over the internet and you will be laughed at.

#4 Girls think you’re a nice guy… *make that a nice virgin*.

#5 All other guys think you’re a dumb guy… *make that a dumb virgin*.


Great places to rest your hand and avoid the hover hand

If you’re too scared to use the hover hand but want to look like a cool guy who’s comfortable around women, here are three tips that can make you look good while getting a picture clicked.

# Wrap your arm behind her shoulder and over her arm. If you feel awkward to keep it over her shoulder, place your palm around her arm instead.

# Don’t float your hand into the photo frame, instead dangle it behind her back. Or place it around her waist.

# Make a sign with your fingers. It’s still a hover hand though. But this is your last resort to salvage any pride left once your hand’s already come into the frame.


How can a guy avoid the hover hand in the first place

All of us have suffered from a hover hand at some point in our lives, be it in the eighth grade or at some other time. But it’s all about learning. If you’re suffering from a bad case of the hover hand, here are a few things you need to remember.

#1 Be confident around women. A confident guy doesn’t suffer from embarrassing incidents like the hover hand. Stop worrying what the world thinks of you all the time. Just work your courage and place your hands on a girl’s shoulder firmly. You’ll see how easy it can be only after you try it.

#2 It’s a great excuse. Events where you get snapped with women are a great excuse to touch women and pull them close. You’re only doing it for the photo, and there really is nothing bad about it.

#3 Is she standing close? If the girl comes close to you while clicking a snap, it means you’re allowed to hold her or wrap your arm around her. Why else would she come close?

#4 Remember the fact. Remember what you’re touching, it’s just her shoulder. You’re not manhandling her or pawing her. You’re just being nice. Just don’t let the awkwardness show in your face while taking the snap though.

#5 Keep it brief. You can take your hands off the girl’s shoulder as soon as the photo’s clicked. She’ll understand that you weren’t trying to sexually harass her. As long as you continue the conversation and avoid sounding awkward and uncomfortable after the photo’s taken, things will go just fine.

How can a girl help a guy avoid a hover hand

#1 Get close to him so he knows its okay to get close to you.

#2 Grab his palm with yours so he feels more confident.

#3 Ask the photographer to take another photo and get even closer so he can get a real hint.

#4 Tell the guy that it’s okay to touch you. He’ll be really grateful to hear it straight from you.



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