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My dear brethren in the LORD
You may be going through some trials
And it seems like God is very far away
You have fasted
You have prayed
But it seems the more you pray
Then the more your problems multiply for you
And you don’t know what to do
Ah, ah
But I have some news for you
That this God that we serve
He never lies
He never fails
Ah, ah
He sees what you cannot see
He knows what you do not know
And He says his plans for you
Are for a future and a hope

So hold on fast
Don’t let the devil lie to you
Remember, God loves you
And he wants the best for you
Ah, ah
Mmmh, mmmh

Me nua nom wƆ Kristo mu
Sε nsƆhwε bi to wo
Na εyε wo sε Onyame nni w’afa
W’afa akƆmkye ne mpaebƆm
Nanso dodoƆ a wo bƆ mpae no
Na wo haw ne nsƆhwε no
Y’adƆso kuraa
Na wo nnim nea wo nfa nfa
Wen w’aso tie m’asεm yi
Ɔhen kεse a yε som no deε
Ɔyε ‘nokwafo Nyame
Ah, ah
Ɔho nea wo ntumi nhu
Ɔyε twereampƆn Nyame
W’ayε nhyehyεe bi ama wo
εbε ma wo asetena pa

Nti sƆ ni mo yie
εmma Ɔbonsam nnada wo
Efere sε Nyame dƆ wo
Na Ɔpε nea εyε ma wo

Ah, ah
Mmmh, mmmh

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