Highly paid VRA engineers are incompetent – Sam George

Presidential Staffer, Sam George has claimed that the current energy crisis is due to the incompetence of engineers at the Volta River Authority (VRA).

According to him, after receiving thousands of dollars as salary coupled with juicy work benefits, engineers at the VRA have no excuse to let the nation go through the current crisis.

“The engineers at the VRA have so many questions to answer as far as this energy crisis is concerned,” he charged.

He said the VRA engineers receive as much as 10,000 dollars but are simply not delivering on their mandate.

Speaking on Atinka FM’s AM Drive, Tuesday, Sam George also rejected the assertion that the current crisis could be as a result of coincidence and rather alleged that there is also “a deliberate sabotage somewhere in the chain to ensure that some of these equipment don’t work.”

According to him, he could not understand why engineers working on the Asogli plant, a private initiative, managed to fix the plant in seven days when it broke, but same cannot be said of other power plants managed by VRA engineers, which have not been fixed for almost a year of now.

He noted that, even though some VRA engineers are well trained and are willing to work hard, many of them are simply incompetent despite their huge salaries.

Sam Goerge asserted that the President could not be held responsible for the current energy crisis when people have been appointed to ensure that the nation gets uninterrupted power.

“It is the duty of the VRA to advise Government on contingency plans in order to prevent needless crisis, but [they] are not doing so,” he lamented

He further charged that it is simply down to the fact that certain people at the VRA are not doing their job well.

The Member of Robert (MP) for Ayawaso West Wuogon constituency of Accra, Kyeremanteng Agyarko, who was also on the same programme accused the government of being clueless on the energy issue and said the crisis is worsening because the government has no money to procure power plants.

According to him, the energy crisis is destroying businesses while children are also dying in hospitals because there is no power to conduct surgical operations.

He added that the NDC administration has nothing good to offer the country and that Ghanaians should simply vote them out.

Source : myjoyonline.com