Here’s What The Colors Of A Kente Cloth Actually Mean

Image result for kente stylesKente (“KEN-tay”) is one of the most famous cloths from Africa – Ghana to be exact!

One of the most sumptuously colored textiles used for clothing is the Ghanaian kente cloth, made by Asante and Ewe weavers using specially designed looms.

Kente was probably introduced from the western Sudan during the 16th century, when heavy, elaborate, labor-intensive versions of this fabric were designed for wealthy tribal chiefs and simpler designs became available for the general citizenry.

The Asante Kente is Woven in the outskirts of Kumasi in the area of Bonwire (Bon Wee Reh) Sakora Wonoo, Ahodwo and Ntonso.

We all own at least one pair of a Kente cloth somewhere in our closest, but did you know what the colors actually mean?

1. Red – Sacrifice

kente colors ghana

2. Yellow – Royaltykente colors ghana

3. Green – Earth

kente colors ghana

4. Blue – Sky, Heavenkente colors ghana

5. Black – Strength

kente colors ghana