jnHuman beings crave physical contact and, whether it is through a huge bear hug, the interlinking of hands, or something more intimate, physical contact with the people we love makes us feel safe, content and it builds stronger bonds. Holding hands also reduces stress, so it is good for your blood pressure and your heart too. Apart from anything else, holding hands with your partner just feels nice and it shows your partner, and the rest of the world, just how much you love them. So, don’t be shy about linking hands public, because it could do a lot more for you than you think. Here are ten reasons why couples should hold hands more often.

1. It makes you feel secure

When we are kids and we get scared, we automatically reach for or parents hand and that gives us comfort and makes us feel safe. That doesn’t change when we get older, we could all do with a little reassurance from time to time. Holding hands with your partner gives you a feeling of security and it reminds you that you are not alone.

2. It shows everyone how devoted you are to one another

Holding hands in public sends a message to everyone that you are happy and are content to be in each other’s company. It brings you and your partner closer together, and tells the world how much you cherish each other.

3. It is a sign of equality in the relationship

Walking side by side, hand in hand, also shows that you are perfectly in step with each other and no one is leading the other person. It’s a sign that you are prepared to face the world together and that you will do it as equals.

4. It reduces stress

The simple act of holding hands with your partner will also reduce your stress levels. The connection that holding hands makes tells the brain that you are sharing the task of looking out for danger with another person, so your mind knows that it can relax a little bit. It has been proven in scientific studies that holding hands with a loved one makes people feel calmer and more secure.

5. It can relieve pain

Physical contact with another person causes the releases of feel-good hormones in the body that can reduce pain and that’s why mum’s cuddles when you scraped your knee really did make the pain go away. When your hand is wrapped in your partners, it’s not just the comforting feeling that makes you feel better; it can actually boost your ability to cope with pain.

6. It lowers bold pressure

Those feel-good hormones that holding hands releases will also help to keep your blood pressure under control. They combat the stress hormones, lower your blood pressure and that will help your immune system work more efficiently too.

7. It cements the bond between you

Holding hands, like any form of touching, causes the release of oxytocin, which is a hormone that creates a bond between two people. It has been known for some time that oxytocin plays an important part in the bonding of a mother with her child and it has now been shown that it can also bring two adults closer together and cement the bond in a relationship.

8. It reduces fear

Holding hands with your partner reduces anxiety and fear and it enables you to face things that you might not be able to face alone. It’s those feel good hormones doing their work again. They create a sense of wellbeing, even in frightening situations, which is why people reach for another person’s hand in a crisis.

9. It stops you losing each other in a crowd!

Holding hands has practical benefits too. It makes you walk at the same pace and it will stop you losing each other in a crowd. It’s also a sign of guidance and mentorship, which says: “Stick with me and you will be fine”.

10. Holding hands is nice

Holding hands can lower your blood pressure, it’s good for your heart, and it makes the bond between you and your partner tighter but, perhaps more important than all of that, it’s just nice! Hand holding is a way you can say I love you, in full view of everyone else, without having to say a single word, or getting embarrassed. It’s a public display of affection that no one can be offended by, and it’s a lovely way to show your affection for one another.


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