Help preserve democratic credentials — Reverend Agormeda


The various political actors vying for the presidency and other political positions have been urged to jealously help preserve the democratic credentials of the country by debating issues that will enhance development and not breed acrimony and hatred for one another.

“Our leaders fought with their lives and spent time to get Ghana to this enviable status as a democratic state and, therefore, we should not do anything to put their toil in vain and bring the country back to the era of one-man, rule and a culture of silence,” Reverend Emmanuel Agormeda, Senior Pastor of the Royalhouse Chapel in Maryland, said.

In an interview with the Daily Graphic in Maryland recently, he expressed concern about the language used on political campaign platforms and in the media and warned that if care was not taken, the country could easily be plunged into chaos and unrests.

The call comes at a time when the political season has heated up with the various political parties crisscrossing the country with their campaigns in their attempt to win the hearts and minds of the electorate.

While some are using temperate language and discussing issues that bordered on development and progress, others have taken to the media only to spew falsehood and cause hatred for one another.

But Rev. Agormeda asked for patience and urged the various parties to sell policies and debate issues that confront the country.

Role of the youth

On the role of the youth in ensuring peace, Rev. Agormeda urged them to refrain from allowing themselves to be used by leaders of the political parties to foment trouble.

“The youth should know that those who ask them to cause trouble and fight on their behalf have their children and family in school or working in better places and, therefore, it will be wrong to do their bidding,” he said.

He said the youth had a bigger future and advised them to pursue activities that would bring development to their career.

Prayers work

Rev. Agormeda said the church in Maryland would continue to offer prayers to enable the country to go through another peaceful election.

“I am confident there will be no violence because Ghanaians are prayerful, and they will pray for peace,” he said.

He urged all religious faiths to join forces in their respective jurisdictions to pray for peace during and after the election.


Source: GraphicOnline