Hawks don’t appreciate the dance of a hen – Mahama

President John Dramani Mahama has described his critics who say Ghana is in a crisis as hawks who will never appreciate anything good by his administration.

He said Ghana cannot be in a crisis and that those whoa re claiming that the country is in a crisis are elements who will never appreciate the good performance of his government.

Speaking at Tatale in the Northern Region yesterday on teh second day of his 2016 reelection bid campaign, President Mahama said the roads are being built and the economy is stable and wonders how anyone can say the country is in a crisis.

For him, the criticism can best be described as the hen and hawk analogy where the hawk does not on any day appreciate the good dance of the hen.

“We are building the roads, we are building the schools, the hospitals, extending electricity and providing water, so how can anyone say Ghana is in crisis?” He asked.

“But like they say however nice the hen dances it will never be appreciated by the hawk,” he pointed out.

According to him, he knows his administration is the hen for some people and so no matter how beautiful their dance steps are it will never be appreciated by the hawk.

He said God has seen the good works of his administration,a dding that Ghanaians have equally seen his good works and was hopeful they would speak in December.

With Ghana reaching 76% percent coverage of water nationwide form 56% in 2008, he explained that his administration is targeting full coverage by 2025, and looking at the speed he is working towards this goal he believes full access to clean drinking water can also be achieved by 2021 before he leaves office.
Source: The Enquirer