Hajj crush: Senegalese and Tanzanians killed

hhIt has also been confirmed that five pilgrims from Senegal died in the crush at the Hajj in Saudi Arabia on Thursday.

The Mufti of Tanzania Sheikh Abu Bakari Zuberi, the East African nation’s leading cleric, has said four Tanzanians have died.

Here’s an update of the deaths reported so far from Africa:


  • Egypt: 8
  • Kenya: 3
  • Nigeria: 3
  • Senegal: 5
  • Tanzania: 4
  • Other African nationalities (numbers not yet known): Niger; Chad.

Three prominent Nigerians amongst Hajj dead

The spokesman for Nigeria’s Hajj Board has confirmed the death of three prominent Nigerians in the crush at the Hajj pilgrimage near Mecca.

Uba Mana, who is in Mina, told the BBC Focus on Africa radio programme that there were around 76,000 Nigerian pilgrims at the Hajj this year.

Those whose deaths have been confirmed are:

  • Prof Tijani al-Miskin, an academic from Maiduguri, who also the chairman of the Borno state pilgrims board
  • Dr Hafsat Shittu, a pharmacist
  • Bilkisu Yusuf, a journalist.

He said that he would be confirming if there were other Nigerian casualties soon and rejected allegations that some African pilgrims were undisciplined, leading to the tragedy.

source: bbc.com