Guys Really Love It When…

graceWhen you indulge our guy side.

“I went to a hockey game with my girlfriend and when the players got into a fight, she liked it as much as I did! I love to watch sports, so to share that with a girl is a big turn-on.” — Jacob, 20

When you plan the whole night.

“I love when girls initiate plans instead of being like, ‘Whatever you want to do!’ Then I know she’ll have fun — and it takes the pressure off me.” — Jack, 20

When you support us.

“My girlfriend made T-shirts for my band, Rifle Range, before a big show. Knowing she really cared about my interests made me feel like she was invested in our relationship.” — Robert, 18

When you let us chase you.

“One time at a party, I was getting lots of attention because all the other guys had left. But there was this one girl who didn’t try to talk to me at all. I wasn’t even sure she noticed me! She just did her own thing. It made me want to talk to her more!” — Craig, 18

When you make boring stuff fun.

“My girlfriend is always up for doing small errands with me — from getting my car serviced to picking birthday gifts for my family. It doesn’t feel like a chore with her.”

Source: Seventeen