The tendency to be in a hurry in this fast paced world is tempting. I have had so many friends and followers on social media and blog asking “when is the book coming? When are you starting your podcast?”

I answer “GREAT THINGS TAKE TIME, SO JUST BE PATIENT”. We are not looking to just go further but to finish. Don’t look to do what everyone is doing.

If you want to make a difference then be reminded that “great things take time so just be patient”.
Just because you can’t see the plant doesn’t mean the seed is not growing underground. If you have planted, watered it, give it time to germinate, it just won’t sprout.

Great things take time, just be patient. Let these words sink in, don’t rush to the arena to play. Take time to practice. Spend time building the foundation.

Much time and resource is spent on the foundation of a skyscraper. You see the elegant building but you never know how much work went into the foundation.

One day at a time, one step at a time, the pace may be slow but quitting won’t quicken it. Keep walking but don’t walk backward. You want something great?
Work on the foundation, great things take time. Press on!

We shall win

Not immediately

But definitely

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