Grant believes in Ghana’s quality


New Black Stars coach Avram Grant is thrilled with the fact that there is so much quality in terms of good players in Ghana, adding that that was one of the reasons why he opted to apply for the Ghana job in the first place.

The coach who was unveiled on Thursday at the Ghana Football Association secretariat was of the view that Ghana is one of the few countries across the world that is gifted with enormous talents when it comes to football.

“I believe in good football and good football means good technique but you need balance. The quality is here.

“If you look at the quality in this team the players know their roles so we will try to play attractive football. My theory is that we need balance. That when we lose the ball we don’t concede goals,” he stressed.

Grant further noted that the team will do everything within his power to win the 2015 African Nations Cup but warned that it won’t be the main objective, adding that developing football in Ghana is the long-term target.

“My job long term is taking care of developing football in this country. We have to put together a process that would result in our teams playing better football. Of course, we will go into every match at the tournament to win.”

“A draw is not an option, but that is not the long-term goal. Developing football to make it better is the aim.”

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