Govt keeping our jobless on purpose – Nurses


The Coalition for Unemployed Nurses, Midwives, and Psychiatric Nurses of Ghana has accused government of deliberately stalling their recruitment in order to use their salaries for political campaigns ahead of the November polls.

“We believe it is a deliberate plan of government to keep us at home and channel the resources that would have been used to pay our salaries into an evidence-based electioneering. If that is not the case, then why is this development occurring in the last one-and-half years of this administration?” the nurses indicated in a statement dated April 26, 2016.

The country will be holding its parliamentary and presidential elections on November 7.

The angry nurses, therefore, indicate strongly that their planned demonstration at the Flagstaff House will come off on Wednesday 27 April 2016, without any changes.

“We wish to make it clear to government, the Ministry of Health, and the good people of Ghana that as it stands now, the impending demonstration is coming off and there is no change of date or mind. We promise to carry out a peaceful demonstration devoid of violence, and the organisers are collaborating with the police to ensure that we have a successful demonstration,” the aggrieved nurses noted.

A press statement signed and released by the President of the Coalition, Adam Masahadu, indicated that all letters to the Ministry of Health (MoH), President of Ghana, the Speaker of Parliament, and the Ghana Registered Nurses’ Association (GRNA), have not yielded any results.

The coalition, made up of over 2,241 registered nurses, pointed out that after their graduation in 2014 and completion of national service, the government had failed to give them employment to make use of their training to save lives.

The group is demanding:

1. An immediate financial clearance be released indicating the name, year of completion, and school of completion.

2. That all members must be given financial clearance and list be pasted at all regional health directorates for immediate recruitment.

3. Immediate posting of all members to their various facilities in May 2016 without any delay.

4. Backdating our appointment letters to September, 2015 and paying us same for the time lost.


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