Govt imports 200 buses for public transport

34933237.295Some 200 specially-designed city buses will begin services in Accra to ease the city’s poor transport system, President John Mahama has disclosed.

The buses are expected to begin operations by commuting passengers from various locations in the city from December.

President Mahama, who was speaking in Accra as part of his ‘Transforming Ghana, Changing Lives’ tour on Monday November 16, indicated that the buses have already arrived in Ghana and are stationed at the State House.

“We lack an effective public transport. In every city that I have travelled to abroad, there is a private transport provided by taxi drivers, mini buses and all that, but there is also public transport. So, we are introducing a new bus system.

“For those of you who have passed the State House recently, you will see about 200 buses packed at the yard,” President Mahama said.

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