GOIL reduces diesel price


Ghana Oil Company limited [GOIL], has for the second time in a month, reviewed downward the price of diesel at the pump in a move geared at giving customers competitive price on the market.

Customers will from Wednesday enjoy a four-pesewa reduction on every litre of diesel [that’s 18 pesewas per gallon] at all GOIL fuel stations across the country. Consequently, a litre of diesel which was being sold for GHC3.33 will now sell at GHC3.29

Goil, which has one of the competitive prices of petroleum products on the market announced a four-pesewa reduction in diesel on March 23 to give the commuters extra mileage  in the Easter festivities.

The latest reduction in diesel prices, the company explained, is due to the drop in prices on the international market.

“In the latest price review window, GOIL maintained the priceof SUPER XP and reduced the price of DIESEL XP,” a statement issued Wednesday said.

“GOIL has meanwhile promised to continue guaranteeing value for money in terms of quality products, right quantity and competitive pricing. GOILis therefore asking the consuming public to take advantage of the competitive pricing it is offering,” it concluded


Source: tv3network.com

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