God Is My Secret – Shatta Wale


Ghana’s biggest dancehall musician Shatta Wale has revealed that God is the secret behind his thriving music career and has called on his fans to be more prayerful and believe in God.

“I always tell people that when I am dealing with my life and my career, it is not by my might or by my strength but it is God. And I always say God, God, but people think it is a joke. I like to take this opportunity to tell people to believe in the word of God and believe in God no matter what,” Shatta Wale said on AM Pluzz Tuesday morning during an interview on the historic launch of his debut album, ‘After The Storm’, which took place at the Independence Square Friday night.

The album launch, which was held in the form of a concert, attracted a very huge crowd estimated to be about 40,000 of his fans.

“At the Independence Square, I was shocked. My dad came to talk to me and I had to put my face on his shoulder and cry a bit because I was like ‘Daddy, are all these people here for me?’ And he said, ‘It is God’. That was the only thing my father told me.

“I called Chris Konney and told him that this crowd was a miracle and he said it was because of God. He held my hand and we had to say some prayers…Because we believed in God, He showed us a miracle,” Shatta Wale disclosed.

Never before, in the history of Ghana’s music, has the launch of an album attracted such a crowd as well as sponsorship from some of the country’s highly respected companies.

‘After The Storm’ has 22 tracks, of which 18 were self-produced by Shatta Wale.

“We are working on another album that we would probably launch in December. But that would be an international album because I am getting calls from all over and there are people who want to work with me. I have spoken to Wizkid, I have spoken to D’Bang and a couple of artistes. We want to go to the States and feature one main artiste; we want to go to Jamaica as well so we do not leave out the dancehall thing,” Shatta revealed.


Source: Daily Guide

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