GN Bank suspends sponsorship of Division One League


Papa Kwesi Ndoum has asked GN Bank to suspend their sponsorship for the Division One League after the first round of matches this was after the coach of his club Elmina Sharks was beaten to a pulp by irate fans of Proud United.

The renowned politician, who is the Executive Chairman of Groupe Ndoum, is fed up with the increasing spate of crowd violence and notoriety at league centres in the second-tier league.

This was the second time his club were being attacked and beaten up this season.

Two months ago, Elmina Sharks were mercilessly assaulted at Bibiani Gold Stars.

“I am asking the management of GN Bank to suspend its sponsorship of the Division One League when it reaches the mid point of the current schedule of matches. Our company cannot be associated with the indiscipline, intimidation of opponents and wanton disregard for human life and valuable property being displayed by team officials and their supporters across the Division One League,” a post on his official Facebook post read.

“Yesterday, the coach of the Elmina Sharks FC was beaten mercilessly and could have been killed by supporters of opposing teams in Sekondi. Players and officials have gone through similar incidents in Bibiani and other League venues. In the case of the Bibiani incident, the referee in his own report stated that he delayed the end of the match long enough to award a penalty to the home team because he was afraid for his life. I am informed that the GFA is standing on a technicality to allow the home team to keep the points it gained this way.

“We need discipline in football just as we need it in our national life. We will not condone or reward illegality and indiscipline. We cannot achieve excellence without discipline.

“The GFA must act positively now. Or the suspension will turn into complete stoppage of sponsorship.

For the records, I reproduce what I wrote in August 2015:

“Football Match – Sharks Versus Dwarfs – we deserve better than this!
Just came back from a football match and unfortunately, stone throwing, insults and intimidation marred the beauty of it.

“It started before the match began. I greeted Sharks fans and walked over to greet Dwarfs fans. Dwarfs’ fans greeted me with boos, insults and threw stones at me in the Stadium our Groupe Nduom company built in Elmina. During the match these fans broke through the perimeter fence and had to be chased away by the police. Some of them did the usual, tried to turn this into an NDC versus PPP affair.

“Why would a healthy competition turn this way? The GFA must discipline the league and the participants. Otherwise, why would anyone want to sponsor a team to play in the First Division League and why should I encourage GN Bank to continue to sponsor the league?

“The match ended in a draw. But for the stones and chairs thrown and bad behavior, this would have been a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon of good football played by two good teams. Thousands of people from and Elmina and Cape Coast deserve better than this.”



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