Glo touts its 20m data capacity


Glo Ghana Head of Business, Augustine Mamuro said the company’s newly upgraded network has the capacity to adequately accommodate 20 million data subscribers.

According to him, the company has undertaken numerous network improvement projects designed to significantly enhance customer experience.

Glo Mobile subscribers who mostly use data are promised an unmatched experience in terms of speed of download due to improvements in the Glo Mobile High Speed Packet Access Plus (HSPA+) network.

According to Mamuro, “we have in recent time been able to achieve a lot of improvements and built up capacity to accommodate over 20 million data subscribers on our network. Data is the future of telecoms and any focus in this regard will always serve the best interest of our subscribers.”

Mamuro explained that Glo Mobile is well positioned to deliver excellent data services to its numerous subscribers in Ghana because of its robust backbone infrastructure which includes the 2.4 terabyte Glo-1 Submarine cable linking key West Africa countries with Europe with dedicated extension to the United States of America.

“Several months ago, we began the process of overhaul, which involves both the upgrade of all software, hardware and core network infrastructure. This will push up the data download speed from the current 7.2mbps up to 21mbps, which will also go up to 42mbps very soon. This will enable our subscribers to download songs within the twinkle of the eye and movies in minutes”.

The upgrade of the software had been completed while the hardware upgrade is nearing completion, he disclosed.

Mr Mamuro described this as a “giant leap into a totally new experience for our subscribers. Since data and internet are the future of telecoms, we have decided to always be a notch higher in terms of the reliability and speed of our services”.

He disclosed that this shift, which is heavily backed by ample dedicated bandwidth infrastructure from Glo-1, will set new parameters in data user experience across the country and ensure that subscribers get excellent data speed and value for money.

Just days ago, Glo Mobile launched four major products for the pleasure of the good people of Ghana.

Mamuro said the network experience would eliminate buffering and empower Glo subscribers to enjoy smooth and super-fast internet services on any enabled devices.


Source: myjoyonline

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