GIPC, Oxford Business Group to launch new report on Ghana


Ghana Investment Promotion Centre will support Oxford Business Ghana in its information gathering and research process for its 2017 report on Ghana’s economy.

The project, named The Report Ghana 2017 will explore Ghana’s plans to broaden its economic base by sharpening its focus on adding value to commodity exports, especially gold.

Other topics earmarked for coverage include the implications of higher-than-expected crop volumes and talk of the possible creation of a national commodity exchange, which would establish an agricultural value chain.

Mawuena Trebarh, GIPC’s CEO, was optimistic about Ghana’s long-term outlook, indicating that although the country is in an election year, there is likely to be a steady increase in foreign direct investments in the year 2016 as compared to 2015. “It is natural to see a decline in foreign direct investments in an election year but we expect the size of individual investments to increase”.

“Investors remain interested in Ghana despite challenges of the past year”. She added that “in addition to political stability and streamlined investment procedures, Ghana possesses a robust legal and regulatory framework. There exist many opportunities for investment in the manufacturing, agriculture and tourism sectors which the Centre is actively promoting.

I look forward to working with Oxford Business Group’s team and exploring how Ghana plans to leverage these and other advantages”, she said. Shadeh Olivia Van Esch, OBG’s Country Director in Ghana, welcomed GIPC’s input, which she believes has given the group’s research an edge.

“The year 2016 is proving to be significant for Ghana, with a diversification drive under way and rising oil prices hinting at higher receipts for the country,” she said.

“The Ghana Investment Promotion Centre’s efforts to tap new FDI are a key component of the country’s broader plans for long-term economic growth.

I am delighted that our readers will once again benefit from the GIPC’s take on the areas of the Ghanaian economy ripe for investment.”



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