GIMPA Deputy Rector sues over moves to replace him


The Deputy Rector of the Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration (GIMPA), Professor Philip Duku Osei, has filed a suit at a Madina District Court against the Rector, Chairman of the Council and the Registrar, challenging their decision to declare his position vacant although he’s still at post.

According to Professor Osei, he was initially appointed in 2014 to serve a two-year term; however a revision of the statutes of the Council extended the tenure of the office holder to three years.

He argues that the decision taken by the management of the Instiute to call for the election of a new Deputy Rector was premature, given the fact that he still has a year left in his tenure.

“…That I was appointed deputy Rector in 2014 under the old GIMPA statute for a period of two years. That in 2015, a new statute was enacted by the Council replacing the 2011 statutes that increased the tenure of the Deputy Rector from 2 to 3 years,” the writ, seen by said.

“…That in line with the aforementioned statutes, my appointment was changed from the previous 2 years to three years.That my appointment which began in 2014, shall now expire in 2017.”


Philip Duku Osei

The plaintiff stated that, a notice has been circulated declaring his position vacant and asking for applications for the job.

He contends that the Council intends to unlawfully remove him from office despite the fact that he has not resigned or had his contract terminated.

He has prayed the court to restrain the management of the school from proceeding with the search for a new Deputy Rector as the damage to him if it’s allowed to continue “cannot be compensated monetarily”.

GIMPA in turmoil

The last few months have been difficult for the Institute with staff agitating for the dissolution of the Council.

A ‘red protest’ was declared, with the workers vowing to wear red arm bands and attires every Monday until the governing council of the Institute is dissolved.

According to them, the Council’s failure to appoint a registrar for close to seven years and its constant interference in the school’s affairs was unacceptable.

They also accused the council of committing the institute to purchase a 1,000-acre land at Nsawam under unfavorable terms.

“It’s to send a message out to the Council that we’ve complained about issues of interest to us; about the land issue and the cost involved, their failure to appoint a rector/registrar for us  and their unnecessary interference in the administration of this institution. Those are core issues we are looking for answers to,” the President of the GIMPA Senior staff Association, Dr. Stanley Coffie told Citi News in July.

He explained that despite assurances that their concerns would be addressed, no timelines had been given to them.

“We’ve asked for a meeting, they’ve not assured us when that’s going to happen. For us wearing red is to tell everybody that the battle continues, it’ not over. We are looking for answers to the issues that concern us as staff of the institution. This will be ongoing every Monday until such time we have a satisfactory response to the issues we’ve raised,” he said.


Source: citifmonline