Ghana’s successes and failures belong to all of us – Mahama


President John Dramani Mahama has asked Ghanaians, irrespective of political colour, to join forces to move the nation to the next level because its successes and failures belong to all.

He told a parade of school children and security forces at Ghana’s 59th Independence Day celebration in Accra that Ghana has reached a point where everyone must invest in the challenges facing the country in order to tackle them head-on

“The success and failures of this nation belong to all of us because this country is for all of us. And we can each choose to play a role no matter how seemingly minor in moving our dear nation Ghana forward.”

He added: “We must invest ourselves not only in the achievements our nation has chalked but also in the challenges because each of us is the face of Ghana”.

Admitting that there is more work to be done to make Ghana the best place for its people, President Mahama said the discussion on the best way to get the work done is to see ourselves as one people irrespective of our socio-political background.

“Certainly, there remains much more work to be done and certainly, we will have our differing political views on the best way to do that work but we must use those discussions to strengthen who we are as one nation and to find solutions to the challenges that face us,” he advised.

President Mahama underscored the need for refrain from conversations and activities that have the tendency to divide the citizenry and also limit their potential.

“We cannot encourage conversations and activities that are meant to discourage us, to divide us, to weaken our moral or limit our potential in this particular moment” he said.

The President noted that Ghanaians who have taken the name of the country to the world in their various endeavours were viewed as Ghanaians and not by their political, religious or ethnic colourisation.

He said Ghanaians cannot afford to cut off their noses to spite their faces when our forefathers have sacrifices so much for us to succeed and not when the next future generation are watching to follow in the steps of the current generation.

The Independence day celebration, he said, is not to be taken for granted because of the “struggles and sacrifices that were required to gain us our liberty”

“There were struggles and sacrifices made by people whose names are perhaps not widely known and whose stories are perhaps not widely spread and yet these were people without whom we will not be where we are today,” he noted.

President Mahama said the future being built today is situated on the grounds our forefathers broke, adding, “…we must bear in mind that in some years to come these children who marched here today will be depending on our attitudes and our actions”.




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