Ghana’s educational system requires regular review – Kufour


A former President of Ghana, John Kufour has called for a regular review of Ghana’s educational system to ensure that it churns out graduates who are analytical and better understand the world.

According to him, producing graduates with numeracy and literacy skills was not enough to develop the country.

Speaking at event on leadership and the future of Africa at his resident in Accra on Wednesday [November 9], Kufour said although the country has produced great people, its system must undergo constant review to ensure that it is producing graduates who can compete globally.

“For me, Education should enable the educated person to see more clearly and better of himself and around him and his relationships with his neighbors, countries and the international community… education should make us see and understand our world better,” he said.

Mr Kufour added, “that we get literacy and also master numeracy and that sought of thing [is] good for basis but I tell you, if it not not helping us think, think clearly, does help us to get analytical, is perhaps not enough education.”

He noted that the excellent performance of some Ghanaians in various parts of the world indicated the system was not entirely bad however required some review.

“Wherever you go internationally, you meet a Ghanaian who has had all his education here before going out and he is performing as good as anybody from anywhere else, meaning perhaps the fault may not be in the system so much as in the opportunities we do not give ourselves in the country,” he said.

“We need always to keep on reviewing the educational systems because of technological improvements and advancement. Don’t let us throw out what we have but let’s keep reviewing it in the light of technological advancement coming and also with the opening up of the world,” he added.


Source: citifmonline