Ghana’s educational system ineffective – Meridian Uni boss

The founder of Meridian pre-university college in Accra Tetteh Nettey has said Ghana’s education system is problematic and must be revised.

According to him, the current curriculum does not train students to solve problems as is the culture in other parts of the world.

“Our educational system is not designed to help people solve their problems.

“We turn to dwell more on the theories and not the practical. If we continue to teach the theories, then our people will just be speaking theories when they go to work but that is not what employers want.

“Employers are looking for people who can come to the office and immediately start solving problems, but that is not what we have now,” Nettey told Bernard Nasara Saibu on Morning Starr Monday.

In his view, the spate of unemployment in the country is rising because the educational structure does not prioritize the skills that will make individuals employable and more useful to the system.

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