Ghanaians in the UK to demonstrate



The attention of Ghanaians Abroad against Corruption(GHACO) and the Coalition of Ghanaians against Electoral Fraud(COGEF) in the United Kingdom has been drawn to a proposed visit by one of Africa’s wicked and most corrupt leaders , a destroyer of the dreams hopes and aspirations of our youth and a serial killer of human rights in Ghana Mr John Dramani Mahama attending an anti corruption summit with other world leaders organised by the British Prime Minister David Cameron .We view this as a serious mistake by the British government in its fight against corruption ,electoral fraud and abuse of incumbency around the world.

We wish to bring to the attention of the British Government ,the leader of her majesty’s opposition and the Ghanaian ,African communities and the British Public in the United Kingdom that we will mount a major demonstration and protest at this grave insult to the people of Ghana .

We make a humble appeal to the British government not to be an agent for the perpertuation of corruption and human rights abuses in Ghana. We wish to outline some of our reasons : President John Mahama has perpetuated a system of rampant corruption never seen in our modern day politics ,from supporting individuals and cronies like Alfred Agbesi Woyome to defraud the state of 51 million Ghana cedis and using cronies at the Attorney Generals office to fustrate the courts from retrieving the monies , together with a close confidante Selasie Ibrahim siphoned and spent over 90 million dollars on branding buses with his pictures instead of using the money to provide clean water for our children,diverted gold bars to Iran ,used a private company to print Independence day brochures which caused huge embarrassment ,payed over 4.5 million dollars to footballers at the 2014 world cup ,Spent over 4 million dollars in exprnses at the Presidency ,used 28 ,000 dollars of public money to go on holiday in South Africa with his wife as captured in the Auditor Generals report .

President Mahama has used his tenure of office to destroy Ghana ‘s economy .GHANA’S economy once the bright star of Africa has been reduced to a state of hopelessness , darkness ,joblessness, prostitution ,armed robbery ,insecurity and despair .Ghanaians have been told to wait till 2017 for money to fill their pockets while the President and his Ministers acquire petroleum filling stations,houses across the country ,in Dubai South Africa and in the United Kingdom .Millions of small and medium sized businesses have been destroyed, rent and electricity bills have skyrocketed and children have been sent home because they can’t pay their fees .

President Mahama together with Madam Charlotte Osei and Mr Amadu Sulley ,the current Electoral Commissioner and Deputy have joined forces to work together to fustrate the Electoral Commission whose other remaining commissioners, political parties ,Civic society institutions , student groups ,Trade Unions ,Chiefs ,market women have all called for a new credible and transparent register.

Madam Charlotte Osei acting with covert support from Mr Mahama is determined to use a register containing the names of foreigners, dead people ,minors and names of individuals who used banned Health registration Documents to register

Mr Mahama has engaged and presided in a catalogue of human rights abuses .The head of security of the main opposition party presidential candidate was arrested and detained for 2 days without access to his lawyer and access to medication ,the house of the minority chief whip was raided and ransacked by armed security agents ,the District Chief Executive of Bole ,in his own hometown was shot by armed assailants linked to him in March this year and nobody was arrested.

During the controversial National Limited Registration Excercise, President Mahama deployed party cadres ,armed volunteers,Special Forces , security forces including military and police units loyal to him in opposition strongholds to fustrate and prevent citizens from registering while Ivorians Malians Burkinabes Togolese and Liberians were bussed from neighbouring countries under armed escort and protection to register in Government strongholds !

President Mahama has also compromised the security of the state and .He has been working behind the scenes to prevent Mcdermott a British Fugitive who was married to the daughter of his close friend and financier Dr Henry Kofi Wampah ,a former Governor of the Bank of Ghana to be extradited to face British justice for his crimes .

He is also directly linked to Madam Nayele Ametefe aka Ruby Gyamfi who smuggled cocaine worth over a million pounds into the UK and currently serving an eight year sentence . He provided diplomatic cover for her and facilitated for her to use the VVIP reserved for visiting heads of state of our country’s international airport to smuggle cocaine .

He also allowed detainees and terrorists from Guatanamo Bay to be hosted in Ghana at a time that has failed to provide basic housing and sanitation for hardworking Ghanaians.

Ghana a peaceful oasis is now at risk of terrorist attack from fanatics thanks to his reckless and thoughtless decision making which was done without consulting parliament, which itself is a flagrant breach of the National Constitution . We therefore call on all Ghanaians in the UK ,Africans ,People of African descent and the British public to join us in our struggle for a just, peaceful ,democratic and prosperous order for Ghana



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