Ghanaians in The UK Are Picketing Downing Street

pkGhanaians in The UK Are Picketing Downing Street in London for International Attention on The Voters Register Brouhaha.

Having followed the on-going debate on the voters register to today, and having been satisfied that the current voters register must be replaced with a fresh clean and transparent register, Ghanaians in the United Kingdom are on Friday, 6th of November, picketing No 10 Downing Street, the official residence of the British Prime Minister, in which event, petitions will be presented to worldwide organisations, as well as governments across the world, with offices in the UK.

Some of the recipients of copies of the petition include:
The British government, through the Prime Minister
The German Chancellor, through the German Ambassador in the UK
The American President, through the American Embassy in the UK, and scores of governments through their representatives in the UK.

The rest are the British Parliament, the British Red Cross,
Medicine sans frontiers
The United Nations UK representative
The UNDP representatives in the UK
Pope Francis, through the Vatican Pronuncio,
The Arch Bishop of Canterbury
The European Union,
The Commonwealth Secretariat, and
The Department For International Development.

The picketers, expected to be in their thousands have cited in their petition, the stubborn stance and conduct of the recently appointed Electoral Commissioner and her bias and prejudiced attitude towards the voice of the majority of Ghanaians, who are calling for an incident-free pre, and post 2016 general, and Presidential elections. The demonstrators claim that peace and tranquillity can only be achieved by the EC agreeing to compile a fresh clean and transparent voters register that will kill every doubt in the minds of all Ghanaians.
It is claimed in the petition that a freshly compiled register that is transparent must be the acceptable determinant medium for all elections, whiles the existing register has overtly declared itself untrustworthy for the purpose of any further future elections.

What has increased the voter population beyond acceptance is evidence of cross border registrants from neighbouring countries. In effect, public confidence in the Electoral Commission has waned. Ghana’s electoral and political decision making has therefore been invaded by voting mercenaries from neighbouring countries around Ghana, but that should not be acceptable, neither by the EC, nor Ghanaians.

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