Ghanaians in Hamburg to Elect New Leaders

hamburgDo we have Ghanaians who are above Politricking and Tribaltricking? Practically, people from Ghana show much solidarity and pride as Ghanaians during the FIFA World Cup when Ghana is playing but surprisingly after the tournament we change into NPP, NDC, CPP, Ewes, Asantes, Gas, Frafas  among others




Interestingly, the biggest challenges facing us in the Ghanaian Community which is the largest African Community in Hamburg is not limited to leaders without charismatic or innovative leadership skills that will create effective understanding, promote the usefulness of team Work and the ability to agree and disagree with one another on issues without taking them personal but also the incidence of “Followers” becoming executives -/leaders overnight without much experience and less participation of the Youth.


Many of us always question why the Ghana Union –Hamburg is not effective and result oriented and feel we can do better if given the opportunity but never aware of the elections until elections are over yet we insist that the leadership is weak and incompetent.

Leadership Training for Community Leaders:

Well! We appreciate your concerns about the short comings of the Union! It is not too late! The way forward for the Union and posterity include scrutinizing candidates to ascertain their readiness to make great impact in the Union, creating the need for Patriotism among Ghanaians in Hamburg, effective leadership training for future leaders of the Union and sensitizing the Youth to participate.

Also, creating unity and resolving conflicts effectively are the pillars that will hold the union together as well as past Executives of the Union joining the Council of Elders to become mentors for newly elected leaders.

Coming Elections:

The good news is that new leaders for the Union will be elected soon and you are encouraged to come forward and contest in the up-coming Ghana Union General elections. However the date is yet to be announced officially and you are invited to attend the upcoming leadership workshop for the Ghana Community leaders and share your thoughts.