Ghanaians are lazy thinkers and bad executors – Budu Koomson

Ghanaians are lazy thinkers and bad executors and that is why Ghana keeps having recurrent problems with the economy and other aspects of national life, a former Chief Operations Officer of the UT Group Captain Budu-Koomson has said.

Speaking on the dollarization of the Ghanaian economy on Morning Starr Tuesday, Budu-Koomson told host Kafui Dey that Ghana has too many “emotional babies” managing the economy hence the failure to rescue the declining cedi.

Despite moves by government to save the ailing cedi from further fall, it appears the local currency is still struggling to keep its head above the water.

The dollar last week hit four cedis at forex bureaus across the country after rallying between 3 cedis 80 and 3 cedi 90 peswes for some weeks now.

It started the month of May at 3 cedis 85 pesewas, hitting at least 4 cedis, 3 pesewas by the third week of May.

“This dollarization, haven’t we heard certain governmental agencies…renting premises and quoting in dollars? It is leadership by example, let’s use common sense [in] Ghana, what is lacking is common sense and it is not meant as an insult.

“We are lazy thinkers and bad executors, isn’t it cyclical…how many times haven’t we come out to say that the cedi is devaluing and we need people to come and help us and we go to the IMF but then the basics is that almost everything we consume we want to import, meanwhile we are not putting in any serious measures to improve production or the integration of technology into our processes”.

“We are not doing the common sense things to mitigate the problems we are having…we are not impotent, we are lazy,” Captain Budu-Koomson added.

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