Ghanaian Pastors Condemn Gay Marriage Saying: “Obama Is A Beast”

pastorOn ATV’S “Anopa Bosuo” show, two renowned Ghanaian pastors condemned gay marriage and the legalization of homosexuality referring to the American president Barrack Obama as the Beast.In their respective opinion, they stated that as children of the cross, committed to biblical truth, we affirm the biblical definition of marriage as a sacred union between one man and one woman therefore it will be a tragic error for any leader of this country to legalize gay marriage or even just endorsed the act of homosexuality.

Rev. Jeremiah Boakye Ansah –‘Any president or leader of this country who will suggest or even think of legalizing gay marriage is an agent of the devil’

Rev. Jeremiah Boakye Ansah founder of Word of Transformation Chapel stated emphatically that the president or leader that will engage or avail himself in the legalization of gay marriage will be this country’s Anti-Christ. ‘The bible states clearly in Leviticus 18:22 that a man shall not lie with a male as with a woman it is an abomination’. I want the government and it law making body listen and listen very well. This is a demonic act that should not be encouraged in this country for whatever reason. God frowns on gay marriage and any man who engage himself with this demonic act is spiritually blind and have no shame. Read Gen. 19:5.

Rev. Justice Kodua Founder of Charity Missionaries Chapel – ‘Human Rights should have its Limitations; it is incompetent and lazy leaders that will avail themselves in legalizing gay marriage in their country.

The fact that there are human rights governing us does not mean people should be legalizing such a demonic act. We are human beings for goodness sake. Do we know how people will live if we should legalize every aspect of life or rights? Even animals don’t do this so how much more men who have been created in God’s image. This is how the devil wants to steal us and it is incompetent and lazy leaders that will avail themselves in legalizing gay marriage in their country.

They further urged each and every Ghanaian to start the anti-gay marriage campaign now. Rev. Kodua called on the media in particular to get themselves and also make available their platforms to create awareness against demonic act of legalizing gay marriage in the country now or even the future.

Now the question is,’ Will Ghana out of influence from any of these European countries or bodies be forced to or even legalize gay marriage at all’?