Ghanaian Inventor: Asidu Abudu

AsiduAsidu Abudu is a Ghanaian inventor who started inventing mechanical instruments at a young age. He is CEO and MD of a small company named Foresight Investments Ltd. and holds a degree in mechanical engineering. He has invented numerous devices that are designed to ease people’s lives. Although they are still prototypes, they are quite fascinating.

One of them is a fufu pounding machine which could ease the lives of African women in villages and cities in food preparation, for instance. Another one is an automatic eating machine that can help the disabled, among others.

Just like other African inventors on the continent, Asidu Abudu has also conceived devices that use telecommunication technologies. One of them is a surveillance camera embedded in a mobile phone. No matter the distance, within seconds, the owner can see his car on his mobile phone. Thus, if someone opens a door, the camera will signal it to the owner who will then be able to see who is opening the door.

Another example is a device that enables you to stop the car engine using one’s mobile phone or somebody else’s phone. If, for instance, a car that is equipped with “the car tracking system” is stolen, wherever the owner is, all he has to do is to dial his code from any other phone (mobile or landline) that will send a signal to the car and the engine will stop running.

A lack of a serious industrial strategy in most African countries is the biggest hindrance to economic and social developments. Such a young inventor is only an infinitesimal representation of the creative genius of Africans. All they need to better help their continent are “support” and “recognition”.

Watch him!

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