‘Ghanaian Engineers are lazy’

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Progressive Modern Construction Company, Alhaji Abdula Ahmed-Abdullah, has lambasted road and building engineers in the country for doing shoddy jobs which he noted, often lead to tragedies.

According to the renowned contractor, if engineers were diligent and had placed Ghana at heart, the country would not have been experiencing perennial flooding, especially in the capital city of Accra.

He believes most of the road and building engineers are lazy. “Because engineers are lazy, and stubborn, when they go to the office they will be surfing on their computers while the job is a field work. They only know how to wear political suits to the field. They must step out to the field and know what to do, using the knowledge they acquired in school,” he charged.

The National Treasurer of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) popularly known as Alhaji PMC, was of the view that until the engineers changed their attitudes and ways of doing things such as designing of drains, Ghana would continue to experience flooding in most of the cities.

He opined that experienced engineers must step out whenever it rains so that they will be able to know the kind of design to give drains and buildings.

Alhaji Abdullah, who is one of Ghana’s top road contractors, told DAILY GUIDE how confusion ensued between him and a certain engineer in the Volta Region over a road project the engineer was executing.

According to him, he realised that an aspect of the project had some defects and being a patriotic citizen, wanted to correct it in order to prevent future mishap but the engineer rejected the idea and insisted that he would go ahead with it.

This, Alhaji PMC said, made him angry, resulting in an exchange of words between him and the engineer.

The interview with DAILY GUIDE followed the heavy rains last week Wednesday that led to the death of over 100 people in Accra.

“We did experience this kind of flood more than 30 years ago but today we are experiencing it because of indiscipline, especially on the parts of technocrats who hold PhD degrees, among others,” the NDC treasure pointed out.

Source : DailyGuide