Ghanaian dies in Paris attacks

79044415.295After an earlier denial by the Ghana Embassy in France that no Ghanaian died in the Paris attacks of last weekend, fresh details have emerged suggesting one soul was lost.

A man popularly known as Elder Ahenkan, and who is said to be the father of one Nuako Otis, a young Ghanaian in France, has told a local Ghanaian news website in France that his son got killed in Saturday’s disturbances.

Otis, he said, got trapped in a stampede, and later was hospitalized for several hours before he kicked the bucket.



Below are details of the earlier statement released by the Ghana mission in France

Unconfirmed rumours within the Ghanaian Community and on Facebook over the past twenty-four (24) hours claim that a Ghanaian national whose name has been given as Otis NUAKO was a casualty of the November 13th terrorist attacks in Paris.

A member of the Ghanaian Community who gave his name as Baah sent a text message to the officer responsible for the Diaspora claiming that the said NUAKO, a 19-year old boy, was killed at the French national stadium (Stade de France) during the attacks. This information was circulated on Facebook and subsequently on the Ghana in France website.

On hearing the rumour, the Mission immediately contacted the French Police who indicated that it has no record of any Ghanaian casualties or anybody with the said name on the list of the identified bodies. Reports in the French media indicate that only three (3) people died at the National Stadium where the said Ghanaian is alleged to have died.

They were the two suicide bombers and a Portuguese transport worker in the vicinity. Other members of the Ghanaian community have come forward to say that the young man was a delinquent and that his death is completely unrelated to the terrorist attack. All attempts to contact the family to verify the story have been in vain. The Consul will attempt to identify the area in which he is alleged to have died tomorrow and visit the local Police Station there.


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