Ghanaian diaspora organise peace forum

S4L Consult, your Security Company that understands the importance of Peace launched a PEACE campaign on the 19th of November 2016 in conjunction with Starr Radio UK, your finest Afro Caribbean Station based in the UK and Zimlink, influencing the Youth in Africa through Film, Media and Photography are embarking on a peaceful campaign prior to and after Ghana’s 7th Democratic elections slated on the 7th of December 2016.

The campaign was also done in association with some National Democratic Party wigs based in the UK as well as the New Patriotic Party members.

The aim of this campaign is to create awareness of the significance of Peace in Pursuit of choosing leaders for our dear Nation with a mantle of love and togetherness with the focus on continual sustainable development. Ghana is defined as a Peaceful Nation by the World by all standards.

However there are always pockets of election violence every election year and this can lead to disputes that has the capacity to serve as a seed for a potential war?

The prevalent factors of Ghana’s election violence are predominantly based on intolerance, ethnicity, electoral party disputes and potential gun violence.

In an interview with the Director of S4L Consult, Gerald Sintim-Aboagye hosted by Starr Morning Show host Archie Hammond, he started by quoting Adlai E. Stevenson, an American Politician and Diplomat by saying, ‘’making peace is harder than making war’’.

He then explained by saying that, if Ghanaians take peace for granted, then they should understand that the resolve of war is a painful experience. He further reiterated the fact that, his over a decade experience in the British Army in the Front Line means he has seen it all whether peace keeping, disaster relief or war.

He said from his experience, no country is immune to war and hence Ghanaians should not take the peace they are enjoying for granted. He believes Peace is what is needed for a successful election.

He further stated that at the moment, there is a lot of tension created in the country as a result of Political Parties, Party followers and the Citizenry all engaged in election campaign to influence votes.

There is a huge conflict of interest as each party in the wake to influence others creates an atmosphere of tension which is the breeding ground for arguments, fighting, protests and possibly explosion of weapons. The fact is we cannot rule out anything as the elements of violence can always escalate to a situation that can get out of hands.

As part of the campaign in an interview, one of the Directors of Starr Radio UK, Frank David further added that, already there are instances of election violence on policemen, citizenry, a recent violence at the residence of the opposition party leader, Nana Akuffo Addo Dankwa and other pockets of violence all over the country stipulates an evidence of potential violence that can lead to uncontrollable violence which can leave the country in jeopardy.

He said the security services, the citizenry, the media, the various party leadership and the incumbent Government as well as the Electoral Commission have a responsibility to make this election a success.

He went ahead to encourage people to rally behind the Electoral Commission in a unified front as it is the central focus without which the country can easily be prone to chaos. Frank David as a media persona single out the media to undertake their duties as the hub of the circulation of information with due diligence and with professionalism such that no iota of party affiliations can be detected.

Also the various party leaders from the different political parties also shared their thoughts on how we can have a free and fair elections and the need for tolerance from all political parties in this season where the country can easily be vulnerable to violence leading to instability that can affect the peace that the country has enjoyed over the years.

The objective is to make people believe that we can coexist with our differences and our differences is what makes us stronger and united. They were glad President Mahama and the opposition leader; Nana Addo Dankwah Akuffo-Addo has affirmed their position of making sure that we have a peaceful, free and fair elections. We all believe and hope they honour their promise to the Ghanaian people.

Gerald Sintim-Aboagye, the Director of S4L Consult concluded by saying, Ghana has done this before, not just holding elections but peaceful transition from one political party to another. He further said that we should hold on to the traditions that have made us popular in Africa and the world at large as we have been noted as the beacon of conducting successful democratic elections and the exuberance of peace in our political dispensation. He wished Ghana well and encouraged everyone to be a mouth piece of peace in our 7th democratic elections next month.
Long live Ghana, Long Live the People of the Land.


Source: Maximus Attah