Ghana will work again – Kwaku Baako

Kweku Baako Malik Jnr

Malik Kwaku Baako, Editor in Chief of the New Crusading Guide newspaper has breathed life into an anti-corruption cause being championed by the Occupy Ghana Movement, declaring “Ghana will work again”.

Admittedly, corruption is as old as Adam, he said, but quickly warned that does not warrant that it should be tolerated in the society. He demanded a concerted effort to fight it.

Speaking at a forum organised by the movement in Accra Thursday, Mr. Baako said the group is fighting a good cause and asked them to remain focused and shun attempts to label them.

According to him, the group has the potential to impact society positively if they maintain their focus and the quality of their protest against misconduct of public officials.

It does not matter which political group you belong to – once you believe corruption is a canker we must begin to fight it, he charged.

“There is an attempt to bastardise this group, there is an attempt to draw it into the direct crude type of partisan politics. This group must reject it,” he advised members of the group.

He found it difficult to believe that despite the existing laws to fight corruption, which date back to the 1950s, the country is still grappling with the problem. He therefore urged the group to take their crusade extremely seriously and commended them for its timing, which he described as just right.

Having led a number of popular demonstrations in the country, Mr. Baako said though the movement is a network for the brains, they would not bother hitting the streets to press home their demand.

He promised to join the research committee of the Occupy Ghana group to bring a number of corrupt deals to the limelight for action.

source : GNA