Ghana needs new leadership – Prophet Kobi


The founder and overseer of the Glorious Waves International church says Ghana needs a new leadership.

Speaking on Atinka Fm’s AM Drive with the ‘Legend’, Kwame Adinkra, Prophet Emmanuel Badu Kobi mentioned that it is obvious that the current leadership has undertaken various development projects but lacks the vision Ghana needs.

He stated that without vision one cannot govern effectively and that there should be a change of leadership. Prophet Emmanuel Kobi explained that the attitude of Ghanaians in general can be linked to some of the misfortunes that have been befallen citizens .

The man of God associated the attitude of Ghanaians to that of Adam in the Bible. According to Prophet Kobi, Adam caused his own downfall because of his attitude. He added that God has a David for Ghanan but may not come now because of the attitude of Ghanaians.

He pointed out that. he does not belong to any political party, adding that his comments are motivated by the word of God. “I’m neither for the NPP nor the NDC”, he said.

Prophet Emmanuel last week mentioned that His Excellency John Mahama does not know how to run the country and his finance minister Seth Terker is block headed.



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