Ghana needs more than 275 MPs – Madina MP

25108132.295Member of Parliament for Madina, Alhaji Amadu Sorogo has described as needless, calls for the current 275 membership of parliament to be cut to 150.

According to him, the increasing population needs to corroborate with the number of legislators.

The Ablekuma South MP, Fritz Baffour, had earlier suggested Ghana required only 150 legislators to make laws, explaining that the membership of the House is too high for a country like Ghana.

The Madina legislator, Alhaji Amadu Sorogo, however disagreed with Mr Baffour in an interview with Citi News, saying an increase in the number of seats was rather needed due to population increase.

“Ideally, one MP must be able to take care of about 50, 000,” Mr Sorogo argued.

On the question of the effectiveness of MPs, Mr Sorogo said the availability of the Job 600 complex providing the MPs with offices will now help in establishing the effectiveness of parliamentarians.

He also pointed out the MPs didn’t have to be overly vocal to be perceived as doing their work.

“There fact that a lot of parliamentarians are in parliament and you don’t hear them talk does not mean they are not working because the work of parliament does not lie only on the floor of the house.”

Mr Sorogo further stated, “Now that we now have offices, you can now measure the effectiveness of the members of parliament. Formerly you could hind behind ad say there were no offices… but now we have office so let us move ahead and with time it will become clear I we have to reduce it or we still maintain it.”


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