Ghana battling over 536 judgment debt cases

25007287.295State institutions in Ghana are battling over 536 judgment debt cases in court, a government white paper has revealed.

The government has therefore directed the various state institutions to provide documents and briefs on those cases.

Government’s white paper on the work of the Judgment Debt Commission highlighted the cases could end up in judgment debt payments.

Most of the state institutions fighting off these debts are Ministries, Departments and agencies.

The MDAs have up to six months after the publication of the White Paper to provide, to the Attorney-General, feedback on actions they have taken on the cases.

The judgment debt Commission provided government with a list of a number of cases against MDAs and State institutions covering cases actually initiated against them in the courts from the inception of constitutional rule in 1992 to date.

Some cases which are likely to be initiated in the courts, include:

• Cases that were still pending in the courts for determination;

• Cases that had already been determined against them; and

• Cases for which the judgment debts had not yet been paid within the period in question.

Details of the exact cases were not made public by the government in the white paper. But the list of the affected institutions and the number of cases against them have been reproduced below:

1. Ministry of Education (and subsidiary agencies)– 3

a. Ghana Education Service—-9

b. Ghana Academy of Arts and Sciences—-3

c. Ghana Library Authority—-2

d. National Service Scheme Secretariat—-1

e. Non-Formal Education Division—–3

f. GETFund Secretariat * 2,903 clients (The Commission found that GETFund’s creditors were 2,903. These are not necessarily cases pending in court, cases already determined or judgment debts not yet paid.)

g. Ghana Book Development Council—1

h. Council for Technical and Vocational Education and Training—-1

2. Ministry of Justice and Attorney-General—-1

3. Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development—-2

4. Ghana Police Service—7

5. Bureau of National Investigations—-3

6. Ghana Prisons Service—-4

7. Ghana Armed Forces—-7

8. Ghana National Fire Service—3

9. Controller and Accountant-General’s Department—7

10. Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning—52

11. Ministry of Health—-3

12. Ministry of Agriculture —-12

13. Land Valuation Division of the Lands Commission & The Lands Commission——412

Government notes that the Commission has offered advice to the State institutions involved in most of the cases.

Government is therefore directing the institutions to study the advice given by the Commission and take steps to ensure that the cases are dealt with in such manner as not to develop into judgment debts or to exacerbate the judgment debts if they have already accrued.


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