Ghana bans use of Samsung Galaxy 7 on all airlines

graceThe regulator of Ghana’s aviation industry, the Ghana Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) has banned the use of Samsung Galaxy note 7 on all airlines operating in Ghana.

The ban took effect from Monday 26th September, 2016. According to the GCAA the ban follows recent safety reports following the use of Samsung Galaxy note 7.

Phone manufacturer Samsung recently recalled over 2.5 million Galaxy Note 7 devices due to several reported cases of overheating or outright explosions during charging.

The GCAA joins several other aviation regulators across the world, that are also caring out similar moves, against the use of the phone on board airlines.

Per the ban all airline passengers as well as crew in possession of a Galaxy Note 7, cannot travel with the phone from Ghana and are prohibited from caring the device, while passengers coming from other countries to Ghana cannot turn on the device or charge them on board an aircraft.

A statement issued from GCAA said ‘following these recent events, the GCAA directs that all passengers and crew in possession of these devices should not turn on or charge them on board aircraft. Passengers and crew are also herby prohibited from stowing these devices in any checked baggage, even when turned off’.

The GCAA adds ‘the directive shall form part of the safety briefing to passengers on board all airlines operating in Ghana and operating into and out of Ghana until otherwise directed by the Authority’.

Source: citifmonline