Ghana Actors Guild gets new president

Ghanaian Veteran Actor Rev. Eddie Coffie was on Sunday 18th October 2014, Elected as the newly elected Actors Guild President at the center for National culture (Art Center).

The Actor who won by 93 votes out of 166 votes cast revealed to Razz Newspaper reporter (Mustapha Inusah) that, though he has lot of plans for the Guild , one of the main things he’s going to focus on now, is to make sure he brings unity among the members of the Guild.

‘I will bring everyone on board, both the screen actors and those who seems not to find the Guild Attractive, so we can all help to propagate our agenda,’ he said.

According to the new President, he cannot achieve his aims and aspiration without the support of the other actors who seems to have neglected the Guild, so he is entreating anyone who is an Actor to come on board.

He hinted that, he’s ready to meet individuals screen actors to chit-chat with them on why they need to be actively involved in the affairs of the Guild.

Together with the newly elected executives , they are going to build a more stronger relationship with the Film producers Association of Ghana (FIPAG) so that, most of the problems can easily be solved between the two groups.

Apart from Rev Eddie Coffie who was voted as president , Actress Vivian Achor also stood unopposed and was elected the Vice president of the Guild.

She was also glad to say that , they are surely going to work hard to make sure the Guild becomes more attractive to everyone in the movie industry.

‘Many people have spoken about the screen stars and why they are not part of the Guild, now that i am the vice president and as part of the new and old generation of the actors it will be my main agenda to bring them together’ she said.

source : Mustapha Inusah-Razz Newspaper

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