Getting over a Break Up?

break upHealing the scar of an old flame can be one of the hardest times to overcome. A break up is hard, but we all have to move on, because we really don’t have a choice. Find out how to get over a break up and move on.

Before we talk about how to get over a break up, you can understand from the introduction that the only solution to getting over a break up is to confront the problem.

You have broken up, and you really need to deal with the break up whether you like it or not.

How to get over a break up – Confronting it

Confronting your problem would definitely not heal you, but at least it would get you into terms with the circumstances and this is what you would need the most at a time like this, even more than picking flaws or bitching about your ex with your friends.

Remind yourself that you can move on.

If your ex could, so can you.

You may have had a perfect relationship until the day it all came crashing down, and you aren’t able to come to terms with it even now.

You think about your ex all the time, but with all of that, deep inside you should understand that you’re ready to make an effort to move on, however hard or painful it might be to get over a break up.

Getting over a break up through your friends

Do remember that your friends still care about you even if your ex stays away from you. At first, you might not want to talk about it with anyone, but talking with your friends would be the best bet for you if you want to come clean out of your past.

Do the things that you haven’t been able to do while you were seeing your ex, watch the movies that you had missed, listen to your type of music, and hang out in places you always wanted to be in.

If you ever feel like crying, do that, even if you think you’re too strong to cry. It might seem horrible, like a bad hangover, but it definitely helps.

Make a list to get over a break up

Write down a list of the things you don’t miss or dislike about your ex. At first, it might seem stupid to find flaws with the one you’ve been in love with for so long. But if there is one thing that really helps you get over someone, this would be it.

Pin it up on a wall or carry the list with you, so you can look at it each time you hit the pits. At first you might feel guilty or annoyed with yourself, but as time goes by, you would find solace within this corner of your heart that doesn’t miss your ex anymore.

The thought of your ex may haunt you, but there is nothing unusual about it. Everyone who has been in your place has felt the same emotions, however hard it might seem to you at present. You will have to understand that the memories of a passionate relationship will haunt you and consume you for some time.

You might even dream about your ex, and this too is nothing unusual. This is just a way by which your mind is letting go of the past, even before you consciously begin to put an effort into moving on.

Understand that thinking about your ex is nothing to worry about, and prepare yourself to get over the break up and move into the next phase of your life, into greener pastures and sweet smelling flowers.

Time will heal your break up

When you reach your destination, you would probably remember the journey you embarked upon, one step at a time, and you would be happy to have made it this far, out of reach of all the pain that consumed you for so long.

You may learn how to get over a break up, and your wound will heal, but the scar would remain, just a distant memory of someone special who parted ways in a manner that you could not bear. The scar would burn at times and the flame of your past love might try to engulf you time and again.

But this is when you smile to yourself and bask in that warm thought, that as hard as it may seem, you can come to terms with your break up and know how to get over a break up. And you will move on, to greener fields and a better life


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