GES needs legal backing to effectively check headteachers – Aheto Tsegah

graceThe Executive Director of Curriculum and Research at the Ghana Education Service (GES), Charles Aheto Tsegah, has said Ghana’s education system is in need of reforms that will allow the GES more control over schools.

Speaking on the Citi Breakfast Show, he bemoaned the fact the GES does not have the required legal control over schools and that allowed for negligence at various schools to go unchecked without sanctions.

“The legal situation we have now does not even allow the GES to control the schools to the extent that it has to. There is a lot independence from headmasters,” Mr. Tsegah said.He also opined that, simply replacing heads of schools for non-performance was merely a stop-gap and that the main problem was an absence of quality leadership.

“Look at all the schools that are performing and you will find out that they have heads of institutions that have demonstrated a high competency in leadership.”

On the other hand, a common thread of bad leadership runs through the schools with a track record of bad performances, according to Mr. Tsegah.

“…Go down to the schools that are not performing and you will see the headmaster is not even there. You won’t know these things in Accra or maybe at the district office because Ghanaians as we are, we like protecting the people who are doing bad things.


Source: Citifmonline