George Andah replies Hanna Tetteh: Don’t underrate my capabilities

1027229754357_6582933570051NPP Parliamentary candidate for Awutu Senya West, George Andah, has warned his opponent in the NDC against complacency as the two ready themselves to battle the seat in 2016.

George Andah says Hanna Tetteh’s reference to him as political novice clearly shows the incumbent MP and Minister of Foreign Affairs still has a thing or two to learn in politics.

“The most important thing is about the will of the people,” George Andah says.

After winning parliamentary primaries in the Awutu Senya West Constituency in the Central Region, Saturday, Hanna Tetteh said she was confident of retaining the seat in 2016 because her main contender, George Andah was a “novice”.

Hanna Tetteh

“Who is George? You are talking as if he is some political heavyweight. This is someone who has not contested elections before, who has never been in the political space before and I am supposed to be afraid of him,” Ms Tetteh said.

But in a sharp rebuttal Monday on PM Express on Joy News channel (Multi TV), George Andah says the Foreign Minister’s line of thinking could be her bane.

“It is not about whether someone is political heavy weight or not. The decision lies with the electorate and in Ewutu Senya West, the electorate have made their points consistently over the past year and half that they want change,” George Andah told show host, Malik Abass Daabu.

He said the art of winning seats in politics is not static, suggesting to Ms Tetteh that she could be changed just like the long-serving MPs who lose their seats.

“There is a time for everything and like I said it is about the electorates, not whether I am a political novice,” he said.

He said about the same age that Hanna Tetteh was going to Parliament, he was also working in corporate Ghana, “and working under the watch of great coaches and mentors and working on some very exciting brands and building myself professionally.”

According to the renowned Marketer, he brings novel strategies to the political table that is certain to take his competitors for the Awutu Senya West seat, especially Ms Tetteh, by surprise.

He said instead of misguided statements that seek to question the experience of one’s political opponents, the focus must be on how the campaign process is being conducted.

“The most important thing is about the will of the people. What is it that we are telling the people? What is that what we doing to convince the people? What is our message? What is our campaign strategy? How well are organising our selves on the ground?” George Andah said.

He admits the contest for the Central Region seat would not be a walk in the park.

“It’s going to be a difficult campaign,” he said. “I take on challenges and I am able to pick teams that believe in my vision. What I am doing in Awutu Senya West is no different,” he said.

He said the youth of Awutu Senya West are the heartbeat of his campaign.

“Most of the people in Awutu Senya West are clearly giving me a message.The message is: we want change,” Mr Andah revealed.


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