Gabon opposition urges boycott

graceThe Gabonese opposition has asked the public to take part in a boycott after the country’s prime minister asked Gabonese to resume work from Monday, September 5.

Jean Ping’s campaign director, Rene Obiang said the call for the boycott is necessary since the security situation in the country is precarious and is also a way to pressurize authorities to consent to a recount of votes after the disputed elections.

Violence erupted in Gabon after the incumbent president was announced the winner by a narrow margin.

The opposition wants a recount particularly of results from Bongo’s home province where there was 99.93% turnout with 95% voting for Ali Bongo.

Violence has ceased but Gabonese live in anxiety as internet service had been cut in the days after the election and only partially restored on Monday while media houses have been vandalized.

The violence that rocked the country left seven dead.


Source: Africanews